Thursday, August 30, 2007

Duran Duran's Red Carpet Massacre

Here's a behind the scenes video of the making of the album:

And in case you didn't hear "Night Runner", (produced by Timbaland) "Skin Divers", (produced by Timbaland) and "Falling Down" (produced by Justin Timberlake) yet, you can listen to all 3 right here just scroll down. The countdown has officially begun on Duran Duran's website for the November 13th US release of the album. I'm definitely looking forward to hearing the entire thing.


  1. I need to be seein' more Makin' Ofs. That was a pretty interesting insight.

    And, I honestly do wonder what Timberlake's next album will sound like, since he's a producer now.

  2. Now THAT is a studio!!! Where was that?

  3. Still amazing to see how big Tim has become. People insulated in the hip-hop community want "the old Tim" but I love this new Tim. He finally has his music going out to the masses. People everywhere are hearing his sound and future producers will spring board off of what he's created to continue moving music forward. What a innovator and genius. Do your thing Timbo.

  4. yo 4real these tracks are mad hot...way better than that ish by britney yall sweating


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