Saturday, August 25, 2007

Remembering Aaliyah 6 years later

6 years ago today the world tragically lost one of the most talented, inspiring, and creative souls who ever lived. Her potential had no bounds and the possibilities of what she was capable of were endless. Yet instead of looking at what she could have achieved, it's important to look at what she left us with. Her timeless music, her beauty beyond words, and a charisma that could be felt throughout the world are just a few of the gifts she shared during her life with us. Aaliyah you touched so many of us during your time in this world and we continue to honor your legacy each in our own way. Rest In Peace baby girl.

Here are Boogie's personal Aaliyah favorites:

"Heartbroken" (my favorite Aaliyah track of all time)

"At Your Best (Remix)

"If Your Girl Only Knew (Remix)

"Hot Like Fire" (Timbaland's Groove Mix)

"I Don't Wanna"

"4 Page Letter" (Timbaland's Main Mix)

If you have a story to tell about Aaliyah please feel free to share.


  1. 6 years? wow. it still hurts to know that she's not here. she was such a unique artist. to this day, noone has captivated me the way she did. i remember seeing her perform live at madison square garden and she tore it up! busta jumped on stage with her and everyone went bananas. RIP baby girl.

  2. Aaliyah rip.

    u got good taste in Aaliyah tunes.

    Just missing : "try again", and "more than a woman"

    Yeah its hard to choose from all those great songs.


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