Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tim and Missy fans speak!

Based on yesterday's article about Tim and Missy, fans have reacted and reacted with force. Letting the powers at be know that they indeed ARE ready to "digest" another Missy & Timbo album, fans from all over the world have come together as a collective. A new myspace group has been created to show support for the Tim and MIssy reunion and to let them know that indeed we are ready to hear what they have to offer. Add the group, show your support, and let's make this happen:

Friends for Reuniting Missy & Timbaland page

Don't ever forget the power and voice each of us have. Together we voted on Tim's 2nd single, the labels and Tim listened, and it's become a HUGE global hit. Now it's time to come together again to let Tim, Missy, their camps, and their labels know that we want them back working together.

Support the cause everyone, join today!!


  1. sorry I think its rediculos
    Come on its just pop music.

  2. ^LOL over 700 members...cant be too rediculous

  3. nothing can be rediculous, however it could be ridiculous.. but that's obviously ridiculous.

  4. Yeh men, am signin' up nw, even recruitin me peeps to join as well. Its bin long since we hurrd 4rm the female Jay-Z.

  5. i like that, the "female jayz" =p
    missy and tim if you reading this i jus want u to know that u two makin ish together was one of the biggest reasons why i joined the rap game and im makin beats and im steppin outside the box
    THANK YOU for all of yo stuff over the years
    plz make another fiyah album again and again and again and....


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