Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Forbes says Timbo is rich!

Forbes magazine recently released it's Top 20 Cash Cows in Hip Hop. Based on everything from music sales, movies, production companies, concerts, and business ventures the list varies between producer and MC. Here's the list:

1. Jay Z 34 million
2. 50 Cent 32 million
3. Diddy 28million
4. Timbaland 21 million

****The reigning hitmaker in both pop and hip-hop. Runs Mosley Music Group, the Interscope-backed label responsible for some of last year's biggest albums, including Nelly Furtado's Loose and Justin Timberlake's FutureSex/LoveSounds. In 2006, Timbaland produced or performed on seven chart-topping singles. Got his start writing and producing with Missy Elliot, then later produced hits for Bubba Sparxxx and Ludacris. Released his second solo album, Shock Therapy, in April, and recently worked with Madonna and 50 Cent on their upcoming releases.****

5. Dr Dre 20 million
6. Eminem 18 million
7. Snoop 17 million
8. Kanye 17 million
9. Pharrell 17 million
10. Storch 17 million
11. Luda 16 million
12. T.I. 16 million
13. Outkast 14 million
14. Lil' Jon 14 million
15. Ice Cube 13 million
16. JD 12 million
17. Swiss 12 million
18. Chamillionaire 11 million
19. Game 11 million
20. Yung Joc 10 million


I would definitely be a happy man if I made 24 million in my lifetime let alone in a year.


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