Thursday, August 23, 2007

Kanye West & Timbo

******** "I heard 'Stronger' and 'Can't Tell Me Nothing' in a club and they didn't compare to Timbaland's 'The Way I Are'. It's not knocking like a Timbaland joint, so I need to fix that. I need 'Stronger' to be knocking people out of their chair."

Even though a version of "Stronger" has already gone to radio, he's spent the last couple of days tweaking it further. He's now worked on the track with eight different engineers around the world, and recorded over 50 versions. *********


50 different versions? Don't get your hopes up about Tim...


  1. He should get his new homies from Justice to fix that problem. "Stronger" is so weak right now.

  2. Well, he better choose Timbos version. I dont care how many he recorded. Im curious to hear how it came out.

  3. Well i heard the snippet to the new Stronger. Sound like he just added an extra kick into it. Nothing Timbo like in it. I could upload the snippet for you guys if ya want.


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