Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Omarion F/ Kat Deluna "Cut Off Time"

She confirmed it via her myspace video and now here we have it:

Omarion F/ Kat DeLuna "Cut Off Time"

This song sounds exactly like Duran Duran's "Night Runner" part II or another version of Justin's "Sexy Ladies." Add to that the vocal effects are the exact same (including the "she said" lyrics) as NLT's "She Said I Said." The beat works for me with Duran Duran but not this track.

I'm still checking if The Royal Court was involved though my bet says yes.

How do you all feel?


  1. i like the layout and its catchy the hook, ! not 100% original but its enjoyable

  2. wow this is garbage.... i couldnt listen too the whole thing

  3. i feel good.
    and so the song.

  4. NO! timbo is my favorite but this is terrible ! does not sound right with omarion and kat deluna. i tried to listen until the chorus and my ears almost fell off. im guessing somebody will like it though, just not me.

  5. man..timbo always said he's trying to do something different in every track so that he doesn't repeat himself...and this sounds like 2 older beats put one on top each other...tim is certainly slaking these days..I just hope he can bring the bangers back with madonna's album

  6. this IS royal court

  7. i actually really like this song. i do not like omarion one bit normally, so i'm biased against him, but i like this. more than the new duran duran, at first listen. wonder why i like it so much - i agree that timbo is seriously covering his old ground here.

  8. I like it, but it sounds like someone copying "FutureSex/LoveSound" and adding the NLT "She Said" chorus.


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