Saturday, May 10, 2008

Usher gets 1 from Danja & The Clutch but not Timbaland

Usher's new album Here I Stand is due in stores May 27th and though Timbaland talked both in Scratch Magazine and in a radio interview with Ryan Seacrest, plus the confirmation that Royal Court and Timbo did work with Usher, the track(s) did not make the the final album. Danja however will be on the album with a track called "Appetite" written by The Clutch and Marcella. The tracklisting is as follows:

1. Forever Young 
Produced by James “JLack” Lackey for US Production/JLack Tracks
2. Love In This Club featuring Young Jeezy
Produced by Polow Da Don for Zone 4 Inc.
3. This Ain’t Sex
Produced by C. “Tricky” Stewart For RedZone Entertainment and Jazze Pha for Futuristic Entertainment
Co-Produced by Terius “The Dream” Nash for Radio Killa Records
4. Trading Places
Produced by L.O.S. DA MAESTRO for Urban Legendz/Music Line Entertainment. LLC
5. Moving Mountains
Produced by C. “Tricky” Stewart for RedZone Entertainment and Terius “The Dream” Nash for Radio Killa Records
6. What’s Your Name featuring
Produced by
7. Prayer For You Interlude
8. Something Special
Produced by Jermaine Dupri for So So Def Productions, Inc.
Co-Produced by Manuel Seal & LRoc for So So Def Productions, Inc.
9. Love You Gently
Produced by Andre Harris and Vidal Davis for Vidal/Dre Productions
10. Best Thing featuring Jay-Z
Produced by Jermaine Dupri for So So Def Productions, Inc.
Co-Produced by Manuel Seal for So So Def Productions, Inc.
11. Before I Met You
Produced & Arranged by Bryan-Michael Cox for Blackbaby Entertainment, Inc.
12. His Mistakes
Produced by Stargate for 45th & 3rd Music LLC
Co-Produced by Ne-Yo for Compound Entertainment
13. Appetite
Produced by Danja for DanjaHandz Productions
14. What’s A Man To Do
Produced by Stargate for 45th & 3rd Music LLC
15. Revolver 
Produced by Alexander “Prettiboifresh” Parhm
16. Lifetime
Produced by James “JLack” Lackey for US Production/JLack Tracks
17. Love In This Club Part II featuring Beyoncé and Lil Wayne
Remix Produced by Soundz
18. Here I Stand
Produced by Andre Harris and Vidal Davis for Vidal/Dre Productions
19. Will Work For Love
Produced by J.R. Rotem for Beluga Heights


Maybe we'll get a Timbo B side.


  1. LOL Danja! LOL Get mad...

  2. Ha Ha Timbo is gonna be so mad at Danja, first Britney now this!

    I really hope the Timbo/Royal Court track leaks though, keep us updated TCC! I bet this one is awesome too, I'm guessing Jim Beanz was the writer?

    CAN'T WAIT to hear some more Danja/Clutch HOTNESS!

  3. The industry seems to be forcing Timbo out of the picture... or at least that's what I'm seeing.

  4. Danja has been getting Tim's big project so far. his only big project this year was "Hard Candy" and Pharell outproduced him.

  5. when i meant by "His" is Tim's only ..

  6. you ppl have such short memories! it's unbelieavble...such haters! It's like ur not even timbo fans...u haven't been following the news! I do wonder why u even bother coming on this site.

    Seems as though u have forgotten some the tracks he's done this year such as Elevator, Burnerz, the leaked track of I'm Real N**** and ofcourse the madonna album.

    There are yet to be released albums/tracks coming out this year prod by timbo including Keri Hilson, Samantha Jade, Jennifer Hudson, Missy Elliott,Beyonce Chris Cornell (he claims is the best he's done!), etc...the list goes on!---see Future Timbaland Productions

    Take into consideration Timbo has other priorities, he has busy schedule...still promoting his and other albums attending concerts, etc and ofcourse working on new music inc his upcoming album Shock Value 2.

    If the timbo tracks were not on this Usher album, then they're going to be on the next so stop ur whining. Danja is a genius but Timbo remains the King!

  7. Anon there's a difference between being a fan who gives constructive criticism of a producer and a stan who anus licks everything he does and stands by him no matter what. If he wants us to stay interested he needs to come with heat, that's just how it is. WE'RE NOT forgetting his genius past productions just critiquing whether he can stay relevant with other hot producers TODAY.

    So please STFU!

  8. Just thank god there is NO T-PAIN on this album ... I can't stand him

    and Damn 19 tracks

    on the topic

    Maybe tim track didn't fit the flow of the album or maybe is going to be on the Uk Release who knows..

  9. There is no Robin Thicke neither... that's sad.

  10. His little brother got 2 tracks!

  11. Um, I think I can cope with the absence of Robin Thicke.

  12. I think alot of you ppl forgot about Usher.... he doesnt spend large sums on his projects. He also never really cares all that much about the big name producers. He never seemed to be caught up in that hype.

  13. No, Danja's just the go-to guy for all the artists Justin is beefing with to still get that Timbo sound. Mariah got Danja because she's beefing with Madonna.

  14. usher - scientologist

  15. A few posts above me...he may not care about big names, but he sure has big names on this project.

  16. I knew it would get cut im still gonna cop it though

  17. no neptunes either? umm his last album was wack, hope this one improves and expect jermain dupri's tunes to sound the same as they all the time, no wonder why he dont make much stuff these days.

    yea i see danja has someone you get in the bargain bin. cheap and effective.

  18. He last project was wack?? ...Confessions whas nothing close to wack. He has sad a record as a artist with that project... get ur facts right man

  19. exactly like sum one said usher doesnt care to much for who is sweatin timbo not on the cd... so far from the songs i heard on usher's cd there so so and rushed...this site has changed so much into info about danja wow and the stans kill me with there comments...take the mans penis out your mouth sheesh lol but back too usher the firts single was ok..see how fast they made that remix after the beat jackin fiasco...this isnt the same usher anymore and timbo for that fact...please dont leak any royal court and usher... them dudes are wack...

  20. damn no neptunes???

  21. man whats the rar password..3 words past plus 34 aint workin dammit


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