Sunday, May 18, 2008

Listen to Usher's "Appetite" (Snippet)

You can preview Usher's entire album on Amazon including "Appetite" produced by Danja and written by The Clutch.



  1. I like it cant wait to cop the album

  2. That Danja track is fire but the album as a wole....well I expected more not impressed it will mos def sell a mill cause his fan base is crazy but musically this aint hittin

  3. Yo I know this is old but does anyone still have that Block Party ringtone somewhere? I accidentally deleted it and the old zshare link here doesn't work.

  4. damn i am so tired of being disappointed in EVERYONE.

    are my standards too high?

    madonna, usher, mariah, janet.. NONE have come that hard this year!

  5. album sounds too laid back and very boring. A couple stadout tracks, but nothing great.

  6. ummm horrible!!! ummm i would like the little asian influence if it actually fit but it doesnt...worse and worse oh my

    lions, and kitties, and cubs oh my!

  7. btw way what did yall think of his snl performance??

  8. please stop mentioning "THE CLUTCH" they just WRITE!!!!! only write!!! u know? lyrics only! just the text!!

    goddammit! stfu!!!!!!!!

  9. "btw way what did yall think of his snl performance??"

    the first one was terrible, i didnt catch the second.

    he wasn't in his element-- awkward moves, really getting his DL gay on.

    And I used to like this guy, what a disappointment

  10. i think ryan leslie has a good chance of changing the game

  11. me too... his tracks have something that no one else is bringing at the moment.

  12. Poor, poor track!
    All this album is poor... I already heard those snippets

  13. "just wait. give it som time a new producer gonna come and change r&b and pop again and u gon be like where timbo??"

    That will be me. Except, I dream to work under MMG with Tim and Nate.

    Click on my name and check the music, that is old music. I'm about 10 months in the game, and some industry folks say I'm ahead of my own experience.

    Check out my old tracks, new tracks are on their way. :)

    Ask J. Boogs about me!

  14. i like it ...its real rnb laid back yall just hating cause usher not on that young chris brown type shit(remember he been did that he's almost 30) but this album is for getting ur grown an sexy on iam feelin it

  15. i like this album

    i think of buying it at the release date :)

  16. then you get to the store after work and it's all sold out. lmfao

  17. this would piss me off

    the snippets make me hot

    but i ask myself why they don't put "echo" which is produced by B. M. Cox on the album???

  18. i agree, tired of being dissapointed.
    i like "moving mountains", from the mood, melody and the lyrics best. I would've excepted more of him. that danja track is one i would put on my playlist, but definetly not one i would claim to be outstanding. maybe listening to the whole track would change my mind. we'll see...

  19. Rap-Ups tracklist of Tha Carter III was fake!!!

    The real tracklist coming soon!!!

    I bet Tim JT & Nelly will be on it!

  20. It`s time for shock value 2 or a new justin record


    ...yea i know the first one was terrible it bothered me how funky it was ... it reminded me of maroon 5...too funky hahahha

    ...dude have u checked the tracklist on wiki?? or is it the same??


  23. oh man ! the album sucks!
    why there is no lil jon track thought there will be one.....
    and where the hell is scott storch??
    hey in the years 2004 and 2005 he gave us all the bangers!where is he?
    I hate his face but his music is incredible!

  24. Trading places had a gay undertone I can tell Dream wrote that BS.... no offense cause we are all different in this world but it just doesn't go well with usher cause ummm he aint gay just got married I think that the producers and writers on this album just collected they checks must be nice to be "in the industry"

  25. hmmmm if i had my way usher would only do club bangers to me they sound better than this...

  26. FutureSex/LoveSounds and Shock Valie were great but Loose was AMAZING!!! I think the next great timbo album will be chris cornell! I cant wait for that! If Keri picked Energy as her 1st single then im not too interested to see what else she has in store... except for Your Covers Blown!!! That snippet was insane!!!

  27. The full version is hot. Once again Danja is showing how versatile he is.

  28. you are absolutely right!!! Loose was amazing!!!!

  29. [Artist Usher
    [Title Here I Stand
    [RlsDate May-27-2008
    [RipDate May-20-2008
    [Genre Rnb
    [Source CDDA
    [Label n/a
    [Catalog n/a
    [Size 95,1 MB
    [Quality VBRkbps 44,1Hz
    [Encoder GT4 2K8 FUCKERS
    [Url n/a

    01 Intro 01:29
    02 Love in this Club Feat. Young Jeezy 04:20
    03 This Ain't Sex 04:25
    04 Trading Places 04:28
    05 Moving Mountains 04:58
    06 What's Your Name Feat. Will.I.Am 03:58
    07 Prayer for You (Interlude) 01:43
    08 Something Special 03:57
    09 Love You Gently 03:39
    10 Best Thing Feat. Jay Z 03:55
    11 Before I Met You 04:57
    12 His Mistakes 04:59
    13 Appetite 03:59
    14 What's A Man to Do 04:10
    15 Lifetime 04:37
    16 Love in this Club Part 2 Feat. Beyonce & Lil Wayne 05:09
    17 Here I Stand 09:30

  30. appetite is AVERAGE danja and its one of the better tracks on the album, dissapointing effort from Usher - he needs better production throughout...


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