Thursday, May 22, 2008

Did you know? Timbo & Kardinal Offishall

A couple years back, Kardinal Offishall talked about his up and coming album at Fire & Glory and a track from Timbaland that was purposely left off the album. Here's what Kardinall had to say:

The Timbaland and Kardinal song does exist and it did cost a house to produce the song,” says the Toronto-based MC. “Mind you, it wasn’t directly out of my pocket — he got a whole heap of money. But I made a conscious decision not to put that on the album. Not ’cause I don’t think Timbaland’s talented and because the song wasn’t sick, but I don’t believe that the music I create or people that I work with are any less talented than Timbaland. They just haven’t had as much opportunity and maybe don’t have the light. A lot of these cats have incredible beats, incredible. The only difference between them and other producers is the opportunity.”

Of course info like that had the Timbo stans salivating but as with any exisisting-but-not-yet-released Tim track it's all about the waiting game. Fast forward to 2008 and we're still waiting (patiently) for the track. Recently Kardinal briefly touched on the subject of the Tim track yet again in an interview:

"I did the Clipse ‘Grindin” remix and then I met Pharrell and then Missy plugged me with Timbaland. The song I did with Timbaland never came out, but my point is a lot of stuff got donewith networking outside of your bloack and your city. You have to realize that the world is your station and that’s how I get down."

Will we ever hear this mysterious Kardinall/Tim track? I wouldn't bet on it but you just never know.

In the meantime if you haven't already definitely check out Kardinall's latest single "Dangerous" F/ Akon co-produced by a longtime Chronicles Remix It! contributor hAZEL. Congrats my friend!


  1. One of the many Tim tracks cut from albums i still want to hear that TI track just got through reading about maybe he could put that song on streetcred...I know wishful thinking.

  2. is he basically sayin he wanted to give other producers a chance and shit? if so y did he work wid da neptunes on grindin and belly dancer there known producers

  3. ^^ true.

    congrats to hazel!!


    listen to this song in the backround. I don't what's the name of this song but I think Timbaland got his Idea for ayo technology from here. The way he says Ayoooo.

  5. timbaland dont say ayooo doe its JT

  6. ich nehme an du bist n deutscher...LOOOOL netter versuch haha. ich garantiere dir dieses "Ayoooo" hat nichts mit Tim zu tun. Zudem garantiere ich dir haben schon 1000 andere das wörtchen "ayo" in ihren lyrics benutzt. man du kommst auf ideen tsss LOL

  7. Big-A du kannst deutsch??? LOL!!!!

    Ich dachte die contributors sind alle aus den USA und kennen sich persönlcih???


    4 Minutes Remix w/ Flo-Rida

  9. je peux aussi parler francais avec toi quand tu veux, pas de probleme :)

    but seriously now: I can only repeat myself. If you have some serious inquires about whatever, hit up Boogie on his email. Why always abusing the comments if it's not topic related?? Same with the unofficial remix with Flo-Rida now...

  10. about time we had some timbo news. people say this blog is tim and others. more like danja and otehrs blog

  11. blabla, you lil mofos and wannabes make me laugh. sittin on a PC complaining on a blog. your life must be real bitter...

  12. und du bist der größte spinner hier, also backen halten klein arthur. über dich lacht längst die welt :)

  13. noch lache bzw. erfreue ich mich über dich. du bist auf diesem blog, nicht ich etwa in deiner welt. jedoch interessant das du meinen namen kennst. dachte bisher immer ich sei unangefochten auf der 1 was research anbelangt. offenbar kennen wir uns. anstatt deinen namen dahinter zu schreiben bleibt man halt anonym. eier hast du auch keine. kanacke oder falsche ratte nenne ich so typen wie dich

  14. hört auf boogie und big-a zu haten!!!

    wenn ihr den blog scheiße findet, dann besucht ihn nicht oder macht euen eigenen!!!!

    Stop hatin on boogie & big-a!!!!

    Make your own blog if you not feelin this one or simply fuck off!!!!!


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