Thursday, May 29, 2008

Chris Cornell stops by on One Republic video shoot for "Say (All I Need)" video

Still recovering from his achilles heel tear, Ryan Tedder and the rest of One Republic were recently in Paris shooting the video for their 3rd single "Say (All I Need)" off their gold selling album Dreaming Out Loud. The video will include a cameo by labelmate Chris Cornell who still has us all eagerly awaiting his new (concept) album.

One Republic also performed their world wide hit "Apologize" on last week's American Idol finale along side runner up David Archuleta. Be on the lookout out for tracks by Tedder from Jordin Sparks, Esmee Denters, Wynter Gordon, Varsity, and Menudo.

And despite many rumors that Timbaland produced the track, NLT's latest single "Karma" is actually produced by yes you guessed it: Ryan Tedder. Here's the video:


  1. at first..I was going to say that the nlt video was gay...

    but those moves were hot...I aint gonna lie...karmas a trip now..haha

  2. Pussycat Dolls work with Timbaland! Check the viddy

    Timbo evidently did a good majority of PCD's new album! Should be good IMO...can't wait to hear that song "in person"!

  3. haven't we known that NLT's "Karma" was produced by Ryan Tedder from the beginning? at least, I thought we all did.

  4. Damn Ryan... this is heat. I can't wait until I get down with MMG..... aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  5. Why can't NLT have a hit?


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