Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Rapture "No Sex For Ben" produced by Timbaland (confirmed!)

We told you in one of our Did You Know posts about the possibility of The Rapture and Timbaland working together back in 2006 but unfortunately it was never to be......or was it? The Grand Theft Auto IV Soundtrack that was just released has a very Timboesque beat set to The Rapture's "No Sex For Ben." Here take a listen:

Sounds like Timbo doesn't it? The intro, the beat boxing, all of it. I'm still skeptical though as the Timbo bites have been getting better and better lately. Also according to this BBC Article this track was played last year at a concert by The Rapture. So how did it get missed? Or is this a new Timbaland Remix/Version? I'll leave it up to all of you, what do you think? You know I love a good mystery and I have my feelers out so we'll update you with more info as it becomes available.

Update:: The track IS produced by Timbaland. Here are the credits:

Published by And Your Bird Can Sing (ASCAP)/ Le Sound Albert (ASCAP)/Hung
Up On A Dream (ASCAP)/ Hurwitz/Andruzzi (ASCAP)
Produced by Timbaland
Engineered by Demo/ Mixed by Jimmy Douglass
Courtesy of The Rapture

Big thanks to Jazzta and Hammer for all the info!


  1. yep that's timbo's voice and that's a timbo beat

  2. Sounds like Timmy's beat-boxing, but the voice in the intro just sounds non-Timbo... could be wrong though.

    Anyways.. I need this game, I heard it is the new marijuana!

  3. Yeah I feel like Tim has something to do with this. I really feel it's his voice in the beginning.
    However I stand by the theory of that it's "only" a remix.
    That Tim had an already finished song and just made a new beat to the acapella.
    But who knows, in this industry it wouldn't surprise me if it's a left over from Shock Value, or something that was supposed to be to Shock Value Part 2.

    Or maybe just some asshole that want to create a buzz by sounding as much as possible like Tim.
    We've seen even crazier stuff before! :)

    The question we right now need to ask ourselves if we recognize that intro vocals from any of Tim's previous works. Maybe it's something someone just sampled and put there to create a buzz.
    But then again, this is a serious soundtrack and both Nas and Busta Rhymes have new original tracks on it.

  4. But then again, on the other side of japanese field...

    Remember Tim and Rockstar Games getting together to make that beat making game?

    So I think this is totally legit... but then again... *shuts down*


    *press F2 for...*


    yeah.. so I don't know... the beat boxing (some) sounds almost exact to the beat-boxing in "Ele-ele-ele...


    Elevator... sorry about that.

  5. That sounded 99% like timbo to me

  6. sounds alot like tim

  7. the dude in the intro is 200% timbo. i can't believe you people don't recognize the master when he speaks. if he produced it, i don't know. but the vocals are 200% timbaland.

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  9. hi guys could u guys find out if this true the new busta rhymes track with linkin park "We Made It" The song was produced by Mike Shinoda and Cool & Dre but also im hearing Timbaland helped on the track heres the song

    Busta Rhymes ft Linkin Park - We Made It (Full/CDQ/Dirty)

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. guess check on wiki it says additional production by Timbaland

    busta rhymes -We Made It -Producers Cool & Dre, Mike Shinoda, additional production by Timbaland

    check here:

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. im suprised it was "Linkin Park" and not Fort Minor..This would be a Fort Minor collab if you ask me. But LP it is....

  14. cool timbo the king is everywhere theres no stoppin him

  15. i posted this song about a week ago...and some idiot deleted it. Let me tell u something this site aint always perfect. They usually very late in announcing new timbo tracks. I understand they have to confirm if it IS Timbo production. But I knew in that song when it leaked last week timbo is on it!

  16. gta4 & timbo rockz

  17. these idiots have a job as well and not always time to post something the same minute when u found it on the internet and thought it could be Tim. If u have something that u think we might not know about, send it to Boogie's email and he will take care of it from there. I know people have good intensions when they post something in the comments, but the comments are there to discuss about the specific topic. plus: it doesn't make sense to post all infos we have and get at the same time, everyday a bit to keep the blog interesting, so idiots like you keep coming back everyday.

  18. lol big-a, i'm with you on that
    thx for keepin' it interesting in here
    1 question:
    what is the next major project that timbo is working on? any news about that? or is tim going on another break?

  19. the rapture and timbo?!!

    one of my favorite bands and producers.

  20. Sounds like the Power Rangers theme cleaned cut and sampled

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