Thursday, May 8, 2008

Did You Know? Sandman and Timbaland

We've already discussed past Re-Up Gang and Timbaland productions and also told you the news about Timbaland working with The Clipse. Before all of that, however, Timbaland had worked with 1/4 of the Re-Up Gang, Sandman, for his solo album back in the Biggie Smallz and Steve Stoute heydays. In a recent interview with Sixshot, Sandman talks about his history through the music game, from working with Clark Kent to getting signed to Star Trak:

****I hosted his two biggest DVD’s he ever had, which were Hell Up In Philly and Heavyweight Champs. I happened to be an MC with depth. A lot of these niggas who hop on these DVD’s do have one hot rhyme and one hot style. Before the DVD’s with my nigga Star I was rappin’ on the streets and you weren’t rapping for people you knew because you never knew who was getting off of work or who was walking by that bus stop.

You had to be an MC’s MC, and that’s what I became. By the time I took rap seriously I didn’t even care about it no more. I used to be on the corner making anywhere from 2300 to 4300 a day. I was just laughin’ at niggas who thought they was dope. Eventually I got with Clark Kent and he heard my shit and went fuckin’ bonkers. He told me he hadn’t seen that level of creativity since Jay and Big. I still own some of my rhyme books from when I was 13 so I was always good for my time. You grow with the game and I was always a nigga that was with the game on the outside. It seemed too far-fetched for me but I got with Clark and we cut the album. We got some beats from Timbaland and The Trackmasters.

I put on a lot of Philly producers that weren’t really making a lot of noise at the time. It was a crazy situation because Steve Stoute got fired and he was the one who gave me my deal at Interscope. I was gonna sign to Puff, I had a verbal agreement with him but that situation with the club and whatnot kinda threw us out of the loop. Stoute got fired as the president of Black Music which fucked all my shit up. Me and Clark needed each other. It wasn’t a situation where like Dre ran with Em. I was looking forward to making my old head a dominant name again.****

Great to hear someone finally talking about the genius of Clark Kent. Dude was one of my favorites back in the Biggie days and I've been hoping to hear more from him. Will we ever hear those Timbaland tracks? You never know, maybe a re-worked one for the next Re-Up Gang mixtape. Props to Big A on the find.


  1. Star Trak......... not Trek

  2. sorry guys I lost timbo's saw theme version can u upload it for please? I can't find it nowhere.

  3. Who ever said he was signed to Star Trak? I am pretty sure the Re-up Gang are not signed to Star Trak either.


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