Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Keri Hilson on MTV Jamz

Sandra Rose and her team recently stumbled on a taping of MTV Jamz segment with none other then Keri Hilson. Sean "The Pen" Garrett will also be joining Hilson for the show which will be airing on MTV sometime next week. We'll let you know more as information becomes available. Thank you Sandra for the news!


  1. I want to be that microphone...

  2. and I want to be her string...

  3. who the f* is sandra?

  4. i'd just rather be the guy that goes up in her, screw the g string and mic :D

  5. Especially in the 'Love in this Club' Video!!! Omg she looked amazing in that video. Now that she finnaly has that bob off1 She looked 2 years old with it!

    Plus she was also in the 'Party People' video. Its Nelly's new song Ft. Fergie. She's in it at the end for like a second....


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