Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ciara and Danja get "Crunk" and "Dance"

For Ciara's 3rd album Fantasy Ride, she's taken a page out of Janelle Monáe's playbook and will be releasing 3 individual CDs each packaged with 5 to 6 tracks. The first is called "Groove City" and includes tracks like her Polow produced hit "Promise." The 2nd is called "Crunktown" and includes tracks in the same vain as her debut hit "Goodies". Finally the last disc will be called "Kingdom of Dance" and will include more faster paced dance hits.

Tricky Stewart is co-executing producing the entire project with Danja in charge of the "Crunktown" and "Kingdom of the Dance" discs and Ticky and Jasper on "Groove City." The Clutch will be involved as well but no word on any track names quite yet. Stay tuned!


  1. Danja keeps winning and getting placements like CRAZY. Never seen that, not even at Scott Storch's best time!

  2. WOW!! This is gonna be something serious!! Cant wait for that...

  3. omg! cant wait! i love ciara! and danja tops it off!!

  4. The DanjaHandz Chronicles... featuring Timbaland.

    Aight aight now I'm kinda worried. But, excited still to hear about new Danja projects.

  5. i doubt "promise" will be included boogie, its songs LIKE "promise"

  6. i can't hear danja anymore. i wanna hear TIMBO!!

  7. Does "Jasper" mean Jasper Cameron?

    This project sounds awesome! Can''t wait for a Danja/Clutch track with Ciara. Candice and Balewa did their thing on the last album!

  8. i can't hear danja anymore. i wanna hear TIMBO!!

    ^^ dumb!
    danja is using 98% of old timbo drums/snares etc. the old timbo u actually listening to timbo!

    and the new timbo sound, is actually hannon lane

  9. and fuck the notion that I'm "acutally listening to timbo" when I'm hearing a Danja track... Tim couldn't do half the shit Danja's done, even if the drums are the same

  10. Danja will succeed where Scott Storch failed but Danja hasn't done anything thats fucking with Tim in his prime.

    Get you freak on
    Any Jay-Z and Timbo Collabo
    The Potion and Roll Out

    The list can go forever. Danja is hot but he still hasn't topped Timbo

  11. Danja needs to put it down. I LOVED what he did on "Wanna move" for P. Diddy's album - so I can't wait to hear what he and Ciara come with. I'm excited to hear him work such a crunk, dance orientated sound.


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