Thursday, May 8, 2008

Christina Aguilera passes on Timbaland

Christina Aguilera doesn't want to do what everyone else is doing for her new album, and what do you ask is everyone else doing? According to Aguilera, getting productions from Timbaland. Here's her insight:

"This record is going to be very different from my previous record 'Back To Basics.' I'm working with a lot of different people so it's a little hard for me to really go for a specific theme this time around, but I can assure you that it's going to be a very very interesting record. Am I nervous? Of course but I'm also very excited. I never like to play it safe so it's always a little risky to release a record that doesn't sound like everything else out there. I mean, I love Timbaland's music for example but I would never work with people like that because everyone else is doing it already."

I wonder who all the "differet people" are...


  1. Well I know what she means, but Christina's voice would still sound hot over a Danja beat...

    Anyways, I'm always looking forward to a new Aguilera album, she's so creative. I loved the direction she took on "B2B".

    The only person I know she has been in the studio for this album with is DJ Premier. Hopefully more Hip Hop/R&B producers are to be announced although she usually sticks with a select few!

  2. timbaland is a prostitute right now.

  3. so is danja. his everywhere now and if she wants to take a new direction, all the known producers should not touch her album then, that includes nep,danja,kanye etc

  4. "I would never work with people like that" OMG HAHAHA these americans... each more arrogant than the other

  5. ha! it started! people are slowly starting to diss timbo

    no hate intended,but i really think he deserved it with all that mainstream pop trash with no artistic value

    maybe now he'll take it back to 98'-04' yay!

    if not,it's only going to get worse,he might even end up like scott storch :0

  6. DJ Premier will be also on her next album.

  7. Good For Her!!!! ;)

  8. I doubt he will end up like Storch that was real stupid, I agree what she is saying but eventually she will want to work with him. I think around the time tim was supposedly not the it producer 02-05 she would have worked with him get outta here she had time then to work with him before he blew up again though back then he would have given her something more hiphop then than now.

  9. She lost points from me.


    If a producer only does Hip Hop, people want another genre from him, then if he does Pop, the Hip Hoppers want him to come back, then if he does Rock, the Hip Hoppers and Poppers get mad and want him to back to his old self.

    You become popular because you have great music, your in demand. THen everyone wants hate to on you. :D

    I don't get that. Then CA comes on to say she doesn't want the same sound everyone has. When the last time you heard Hard Cany's type production from Tim, Pharell or Danja?

    I think she made a bad choice. When everyone is going to be high demand, what she gonna do? Quit?

    Even with all the producers she will have on this album, heard all their production, nothing new.

    Its the chemistry the artist has with the producer. The artist tells the producer what he/she wants, a new sound, old, or a damn copy of someone else. :D

    Get out of here CA.

  10. So I'm guessing no Christina on Shock Value 2....
    I'm STILL pissed off at britney spears for not having her album produced by tim just cuz he was cool with jt.
    Gimme More would have been THE hottest song ever if tim did it.
    Danja did his thing im just saying it would have been better.
    Maybe on the next album Brit would finnaly get over JT and have a duet with him produced by tim!
    But we can only dream!!!

  11. Tim will come up with a sound way before the masses catch up and then want to bite she had ample time to work with him before he became the it producer. So is CA going to work with people like/associated with tim one time or another like Polow,Danja,Kidd and probably do something tim already did. I like Polow but he is trying to have his beats like tim and danja by having that techno/house vibe in his productions.


  13. Man aayize you made no sense just now man. No one knows the reasons Britney didn't work with Timbaland, we don't know exactly what her relationship is like with JT, and Timbaland is the one who came with all that trash about if she apologizes, he will work with her. You need to stop treating this man like God. You said Danja did his thing, so leave it at that. You cant say it would have been better with Tim on it. Yo u ppl carry this stan status to another level with each comment like that.

  14. Thats their opinion if it were comments like yours lord only knows where this country would be but this will lead away from what is being talked about.

  15. jt will meet with britney soon so i guess there might be a colaboration in the future with timbo

  16. ^^^^
    What do you mean by saying Jt is going to meet with britney soon?

    And if I feel that I should treat tim like a god then so be it...
    I think he deserves it and im a Tim Stan 4 life!

  17. Good. I'd rather hear Christina Aguilera songs than Timbaland production with some Aguilera vocals, which is basically what Tim's stuff amounts to right now. It would just wash out any of Christina's individuality.

  18. i think rather than timbaland's sound more people are getting concerned about having his name on everything. While tim's sound may differ slightly from artist to artist his name on the track could provoke sighs, groans and moanings of 'not timbaland again'

    While its good Christina isn't on tims nuts, its stupid of her to actually name him as someone she wouldn't work with. Its a bit unprofessional and will probably shatter any chance of the two ever working 2gether.

    That being does she know Tim would wana work with her anyway...

  19.'s her loss. I'm not really anticipating anything good from her after that last dud of an album she had.

  20. her last album didnt do fantastically.. to me it was a bit of a borr..
    this one will be the same or bit worse..

    anyway, who cares if she works with tim or not...
    its not like tim needs to work with her, he's having big enough success as it is.

  21. I can't wait till I blow up and become a mainstream producer.

    I will definitely not care if I'm in high demand. I wouldn't care how man sigh, and moan. Cause I will know there will be thousands and thousands that look at my name in the credits, and want to listen to it over and over.

  22. "how does she know Tim would wana work with her anyway"

    Tim works with absolute shite artists. Why would he not work with a great singer like Christina?

    I like her last album. It's actually something different from the rest of pop. It does take a certain mood to really get into it, though. But whatever...

  23. Good for her.. I think all this talk of how Tim couldve done 'this for that person or that for this person' shows how reliant artists are on producers these days. I don't think there are many big artists, like Christina Aguilera or JT, who are instrumental in their sound. Normally the product comes out better when there's a good relationship between a producer and the artist. I admire her ideals in thinking that the hottest producer isn't necessarily going to give the sound she wants.

  24. "I would never work with people like that" OMG HAHAHA these americans... each more arrogant than the other"

    ^^^^Way to stereotype a nation of 300 million people.

    Good for Christina. I don't wanna hear every song on the radio made by the same group of people.


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