Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Jim Beanz to work with Esmée Denters

More and more details are emerging about Justin Timberlake's first signee, Esmée Denters, debut album. We talked about Timbaland, Royal Court, and The Clutch working with Denters and now we can add Jim Beanz to the list. Look out for 2 tracks "Closer" and "Lonely Sunday" off her album both produced and co-written by Beanz.

Jim Beanz has also been in the studio working with Fantasia on her next album with details on that project forthcoming.


  1. I hope JT actually gets Esmee's record out there's been SO many artists recently to be talked about and then seem to drop straight off the radar. (Megan Rochell, Natasha, Missez, Money, Dear Jayne etc etc) The collaborators on this are all Timbo related (RCourt, The Clutch, Timbo, JT, Beanz) so I know it will be hot but if it does get a release she better leave all these tracks on! (unlike Usher!)

  2. that albums gonna be AMAZING!!!! cant wait! plus we allready know that its probably gonna go #1 and platnum even if it sucks because there has been so much publicity about her rise to fame through youtube. so another #1 album under Timbos belt....

  3. I have a good feeling about this. Plus I like this girl & she is really talented. Cant wait to hear her voice over some Timbo beats!!

  4. do not assume anything

    WHERE'S MY CUP!!!!


    interuptions: i will be happy happy happy if its what we hope



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