Tuesday, May 6, 2008

T.I.'s "What's Up What's Happening" official first single by Danja

Rolling Stone got a preview of T.I.'s new album Paper Trail including the official first single produced by DanjaHandz called "What's Up What's Happening." Here's more:

****T.I., who was on house arrest while awaiting sentencing for felony gun charges, is finally out and about. “In some ways, I miss the house,” he said last week when he stopped by the Rolling Stone office in New York. In between speaking engagements at schools to fulfill his 1,000 hours of court-ordered community service, Tip played some cuts from his forthcoming album Paper Trail.

The defiant, gospel-flecked street single “No Matter What” leaked last week, but Tip says the real single, the Danja-produced “What’s Up, What’s Happening” will be out in a couple weeks. It’s a bass-heavy club track full of shout-outs to haters who thought the MC’s legal troubles would sideline him. On “Collect Call,” he raps about all the fair-weather friends who disappear when things get hot over an R&B groove. “Let My Beat Pound” is a bass-heavy trunk-rattler produced by J.R. Rotem with a robotozed hook that’s meant to intimidate others on the road: “My trunk sounds like a midget trying to get up out of there,” he drawls. “You Ain’t Missing Nothing” is a dubious message to those in prison: With jazzy, soul sample, Tip promises “The time will do itself, all you gotta do is show up.” On “Sitting on Top of the World,” which features a hook by B.O.B., the MC reflects on his path to rap fame. And on “I’m Illin” he claims to be “the hottest nigga since Tupac.”

Of course, after promoting the album, which comes out August 12, Tip will still have to serve a year in jail. “It’s a bitter pill to swallow,” he says. “But I’ve got a lot of water.”****



  1. T.I. loves him some Danja. Too bad "No Matter What" won't be the official first single, because I was looking forward to an instrumental. Maybe an instrumental album will leak later on, like with T.I. Vs T.I.P.

  2. ^maybe the guys from here can get it

  3. omg!!! "No Matter What" is amazing!!! But its not the first single???? omg i cant wait to hear "What's Up What's Happening"!!! im soooo excited!!!

  4. Whats Up What Haapnin Was Produced By Drumma Boy... Dudes Need To Get Their Facts Straight.


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