Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Drake "Thank Me Now"

After a very long wait, here is the long awaited collaboration between Drake and Timbaland called "Thank Me Now." Check it out:

Wow I never thought I'd hear Timbo do a beat like this. Personally, I love it! VERY different from Tim with the randomly, layered synths at various pitches. Drake's voice gets annoying by the end but it's a dope hook. I'll be interested how the masses respond to the track.

The sound is very similar to a lot of the new "electric soul " artist out there. (Check my personal favorite Muhsinah)

Your thoughts?


  1. Although its true some of the other beats on the album are "better", people need to realize that this is exactly what the artist wanted. Now listen to the song going in with that mentality.

    Very clever song and a great way to end the album.

  2. like i was sayin in the last forum..he had to obviously follow the format of the album which was slow n midtepo if that...n thats what we got..but it was a great way to end the album..i agree..


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