Monday, June 21, 2010

The Making of Drake and Timbaland's "Thank Me Now"

There's nothing I love more (besides a sample) then knowing the behind the scenes of track creation. Case in point, check out Noah "40" Shebib's, the track engineer, account of Drake's Timbo produced "Thank Me Now":

Noah "40" Shebib [Engineer]: "[That was] The Setai hotel, the same time we did 'Over.' We did 'Over' one day and 'Thank Me Now' another. If I’m not mistaken, we cut the record and then Tim came to the session. It was me, Jazz, Drake, Niko, James the security, CJ the road manager—so yeah, the usual Drake entourage. Tim came with his manager or one of his people. I think it was pretty much cut, and actually we gave it back to Tim. I didn’t mix 'Thank Me Now' either. We gave it back to Tim, after we cut the vocals and his engineer Chris, finished the production, tweaked it a little bit, and finished the mix. [He added] very subtle production just to give it some life towards the end."

Props to Sebastian!

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