Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Timbaland Gives Nas His Biggest Record So Says Ginuwine

In a recent interview with Vibe Magazine Ginuwine spoke on being the best dancer in the game, his current career "sabotoge", and being on one of Nas' biggest records, check it out:

Nas caught a lot of flack for your collaboration, “You Owe Me,” on Nastradamus. Jay-Z questioned his artistic integrity (on 2002's "Blueprint 2"), and some hardcore fans considered him a sellout. What are your feelings on the song?
I think you can be versatile. You don’t have to stay on one thing all the time. People have fun and they experiment and that’s what he might’ve been doing. And everyone wants to appeal to the masses; you want your voice to be heard. With him and what he stands for, if he reached millions of other people, he could change those millions of other people. So you don’t want to just keep yourself in a box, you want to get out there and experiment and do whatever it is that’s going to make you huge. And that’s song was probably one of the biggest songs of his career. People still give me love when I do it on my shows. So I think it’s healthy for someone to go out and experiment. You can’t stay the same all the time. You get bored.

Let’s look back for a second. Do you still keep in touch with Missy?
Every so often. I’ll page her and be like, “What’s up, baby? How are you?” She’ll say, “Hey, what’s up, I’m cool.” And that’s it. But hanging out, nah. I don’t really hang out with no one anyway. But she’s still doing her thing. I think she’s working on something right now. She does a lot of production and writing, like she always has. But she actually was on my last CD with me. We did a song called “Get Involved” and we did David Letterman together, so whenever I need her she’s definitely there for me. And vice versa.

G has definitely been getting a lot of press lately. Let's hope his new album comes with the heat especially executive produced by B Cox!

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  1. I would rather see his upcoming album be executively produced by Oak (of the Knightwritaz team) & RL, personally I think all those were his best tracks off his last album.


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