Wednesday, June 23, 2010

1 Life 2 Live - TIMstrumentals

I'm back with a couple of Timstrus from back in the 20th Century.

The group 1 Life 2 Live consisted of two guys and a girl (a la Fugees, 'cept they all had Pras-level talent). It's funny, in hindsight the hispanic group reminds me a lil bit of The DEY, another latin trio Tim (and Royal Court) worked with.

So 1 Life 2 Live featured on Tim's solo debut in 1998 - Tim's Bio: Life from Da Bassment

The track they jumped on was Can't Nobody, great track, with a great beatswitch which was unfortunately cut from the single version...prolly cause Lil Man (Bill Pettaway) was all on it.
A year later, the group recorded their debut album, which I believe never made it into record stores. They did however record a track w/ Timbaland that made it out as a b side to their single. That track was called KEEP MOVIN'.
The reason for this post is that I believe I had this track stashed away somewhere, but as is common when you move so much, sometimes things get misplaced. Finally came across this track again about a week ago, prompting this post.

Enjoy the Timstrus, both songs sound real similar but great Timbo productions anyway.

BossPlayya checking out.


  1. goooooood looks

    we need that weekly timstrumental happenin again man

  2. Do you have the keep it movin track? I can't find mine.

  3. thanks for the comments....
    would like to post more, real life has a habit of getting in the way tho!
    and here is the track..

    finally, of topic, is it me or is the MORNING AFTER DARK version on the SV2 rerelease different? like Tim added a verse?

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. There was a few dif versions of morning after dark, so it wouldn't surprise me

    one had soshy and one had soshy with nelly furtado, i think there's one more too?

    I hear from a bird that you might be moving to Vancouver, lemme know if it happens bro, I'll buy you a beer for hooking up the timstrumentals over the years

  6. Thanks for these Timstrumentals!

    yes the morning after dark version on the rerelease is the original version Timbo played on the radio with Ryan Seacrest.

  7. Thanks for the good ups. Bill Petteway is lil man? hey wasnt it discovered at this blog some year ago by pitching down the lil man vocals. Lil man is Timbalands alter ego. Its so obvious. But please prove me wrong if you can.


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