Friday, June 25, 2010

T.I. "Here We Go Again" (Alternate)

Let's try this again...

No matter how many years go by, a dope Timbaland track is ALWAYS worth the wait. Just check the Lil' Mo "5 Minutes" and Aaliyah "One In A Million" Timbaland Remixes for proof. Thankfully for this track we didn't have to wait years for it, rather here is the non DJ version of T.I.'s "Here We Go Again" for your listening pleasure:

Dear Timbaland, please make more songs like this. The pop stuff was cool and all but it's time to get back to makin' Timbo The King music! Your friend, Boogie.

This track is actually an alternate from the original track for a few reasons, can you name them?

Big big props to Sebastien for the track!


  1. I'm not sure, but it sounds like some dude just cut the song together so no one can hear the drops.
    the beginning is very suspicious. sounds very weird

  2. yeah I agree with stargate. If you listen to the tagged version then you can't hear that voice sample on the first chorus. On this version you can already hear it on the first chorus.

  3. Yes, we posted this a while ago... this version was spliced to avoid the DJ. Suspicious indeed.

  4. o stop venture your crappy site never breaks any timbaland news first. you steal from other sites. stop being fat!

  5. So there's this clean one, and the paging dr faggot one?


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