Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ginuwine Still Got Love For Timbaland

G sat down with Honey Mag and shared his latest and perhaps final thoughts on the Timbo situation:

I don’t like feeling like a cry baby. I’m not gonna hound on it or keep saying anything about it because ultimately he is a great producer and [he] helped me start my career and that can never get taken away, but I wish what we had set out to do – that we had completed it.

The business kind of separates you. You know I’m not gonna chase anybody but you’d like to think if you need somebody, they’d [be] there. And if you need me, I’m definitely here. I’m just the same old G.

Hopefully Tim feels the same way. Just get back to making good music ya'll!

1 comment :

  1. A while back Tim mentioned he wanted to work with G for personal reasons in some interview he did. Whether that's still true or not, who know... would be nice to see em on the same page again though


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