Saturday, June 5, 2010

Missy Elliott F/ Destiny's Child "Crazy Feelings"

You read it right, I said Missy Elliott F/ Destiny's Child "Crazy Feelings" (not just Beyonce). Check out this really dope alternate and more than likely demo for Missy Elliott's "Crazy Feelings":

How cool is that!? I had to listen to the track a bunch of times to make sure it wasn't just some fan made track that spliced a bunch of riffs from the various girls throughout. The beat is slightly different and you can clearly hear now the guitar sample. Check out the chorus of the 2nd verse with Michelle doin' her thing (at least I think that's Michelle lol). There's almost to many voices going on at once. You even hear some laughter proof that it was all fun on this dope track.

HUGE props to Mosleyrn8 for the find.

Add this to your lists!


  1. That doesn't sound like Destiny's child. Michelle wasn't with them at the time. Sounds like those bkg vocals are either from Virginia Williams, Gina Thompson or 702. And the second verse is just layers of Beyonce's voice (her doubles, takes and ad-libs). Either way... this is tight!!!! My guess would be Virginia or Gina.

    Love it when things like this appear.

  2. Agree with 'Mr Rios comment' this is not michelle and i don't know about the other members of destiny's child but for me it's clearly Gina Thompson doing the background vocals like she did on "busa rhyme" as well!!


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