Thursday, June 17, 2010

Timbaland Loves Amar's Album Too

Amar continues her success as her album Show It Off just gets bigger and bigger. She's gone from "Bombay" to "Bombay Billionaire" in not time yet always stays humble and generous to all her fans. Recently she talked with Desi Hits on her music, Timbo's love for her album, and her plans for the future. Read on:

DH!: Have you heard any responses from any other artists you look up to?

Amar: From the western field, Timbaland absolutely loves the album. He lost his iPod a few weeks ago and apparently one of the first things he said was 'I need Amar's album again.' So the response I'm getting is amazing. We just need to get it out there and hope people are listening to it.

DH!: So what's next for you, aside from promoting, are you still writing?

Amar: I'm actually recording more music this week with Charlie Hype; he did a lot of tracks for the album so were doing more recording. We're thinking in literally a month or so to release a new track.

DH!: So who has influenced you besides your father?

Amar: I've always loved and grown up with Timbaland in terms of production; I listened to a lot of his artists, like Justin Timberlake. I've always wanted to work with him and his people. I had a list of people on the Indian side that I really wanted to work with as well like Sonu and Shankar Mahadevan. I was lucky enough to get everyone on my album.

Full Interview

Big big congrats to Amar!

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