Thursday, June 10, 2010

Timbaland Gets "Loud" with....

Check out this newly leaked track called "Loud" (or possibly
"Allowed") produced by Timbaland for an artist I'm not quite sure of (yet):

Despite the obvious Timbaland backgrounds I still wasn't convinced but the "Scream" reference definitely was the clincher. Any guesses who's singing? I'm sure by morning we'll know.

Until then enjoy!


  1. I'm diggin this track! Nice.

  2. is this realy timbo its nothing special i dont like this stuff especaly the autotune singin its annoying i hope this song never comes caus its wack and i dont understand whats wrong whit timbo i mean he is the mnastermind producer we know he can do better songs he proved us this back in 2000-2008

  3. This is a good pop-driven track but I would like to know who the reference singer is. Are we sure this is Tim?

  4. I'd guess Polow Da Don on the beat before Tim.


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