Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Exclusive: J Lo "Make It Pop" Demo Not What It Seems

As technology becomes more and more advanced, information is literally a click away and everyone and anyone can make a demo or a "Timbaland beat." Case in point, out of the blue last year came the long awaited unreleased Timbaland produced track "Make It Pop." Not only was it the song, it was the demo sung by the track writer Candice Nelson. Or was it? Take a listen:

For those of us that know Candice's voice, we knew this wasn't her but who else was it? A Candice written track, sung by someone else? Never happened before so why now?

Well The Chronicles being who we are, we did our digging and as it turns out we can tell you exclusively that the track is not only some other singer besides Candice singing but it's not even Timbaland on the beat. Yes that's right not Timbo! So either there was another "Make It Pop" created for J Lo (or a different artist) or we've yet another case of a completely mislabeled track.

Another mystery (or unanswered question) solved!

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