Friday, May 28, 2010

Sample Of The Week

It's Boogie here filling in for the Czar of samples. This week I have a sample that came from a band who's album was so new at the time that they prevented the song Timbo sampled it in from being released.

The track I'm talking about is on of my favorite tracks from him, Chris Cornell's unreleased "Why Do You Follow Me." Here refresh your memory:

So why was a dope song like this cut from the album? More than likely due to its sample. What sample you ask? It comes from the brilliant threesome Peter, Bjorn, and John (go see them live!) and their song "Nothing To Worry About":

Such a dope video! As is turns out the trio's new album at the time Living Things came out only 3 weeks after Chris Cornell's Scream. A little too close for comfort it seems hence their reluctance in giving permission to use the sample.

Bonus question: What's the other sample in "Why Do You Follow Me"? Hint: Think "Bounce"

Props to E-Gone for the find!


  1. yea i heard about this sample
    i think it was posted on TTB

    oh and Shock Value 2 intro was probably sampled from this

  2. nope, we didn't post that timothy, it was in talks though.
    we didn't post beacause it's not a sample.
    The song "Nothing To Worry About" is just the song before "Why Do You Follow Me" on that DJ Skee mixtape. All the songs were kinda merged together at the beginning and end. That's why u can still hear parts of "Nothing To Worry About" at the beginning of the "Why Do You Follow Me" snippet.

  3. Lol yeah I wrote a whole post about this 'sample' then black arrow told me that it wasn't sampled cuz it justs using instrumental of this. Apparently chris gave the accapella to skee...

  4. Ahh yes its the Buzz crew coming through with yet again more negative comments. Seems that's all you guys write these days. Either a song is "old" or your sources are better or you did that first. Arrow you even emailed to tell me what I can and can't write about and tried to compare sources. Hilarious....

    The ironic thing is you all have your own blog. (Congrats on that by the way, great site and you guys desrve major props!) So instead of just writing about all the new, accurate, exclusive news you have or even bashing The Chronicles for being so bad, outdated, and just plain incorrect you guys take the time (and obvious enjoyment) to come over here and write these negative comments. Seems we're doing something to get your attention.

    This isn't a compeition, remember that. The internet is a big place and there's plenty room for hundreds of Timbo sites. I don't give a fuck about who's the best rather is all fun for me. You wont ever read a comment from me bashing your site as I'm too busy with real life and have way too much respect for all of you and the dope site y'all created. Congrats!

    Nothin but love and good luck with everything! I look forward to reading more negative comments from y'all very soon....

  5. come on boogie, what's up with u?

    where the hell did I bash TCC? never did that. Really, what's wrong with clearing something up?
    I love your site 'cause this really brought me into the Timbo world and finally into making music. I'm thankfull to u for this forever!
    There's nothing but love coming from TTB to TCC, telling everyone u came back and linking to your site.

    and about not posting the Rebel stuff, I didn't say that. I was asked to give u the message not to post it. Even offered u to ask, if I can tell u the source but u didn't want to know.
    Why do u think we aren't able to post Danja news anymore? Because we were asked to do it by that certain person.
    hit me up if u want to know more...

  6. Whoa!? Bashing TTC? Speechless...

  7. This is why I run a Static Major blog Lol

  8. Damn, I gotta say...just went down the posts on this page, and there are at least three Haze comments about how something is "so old".


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