Thursday, May 20, 2010

Will We Get Shock Value III?

Timbaland has reached a level where his name isn’t just a name it’s a brand. Over the last 3 years or so Timbo has gone from big to HUGE. I wonder if Tim ever thought that he would one day pack stadiums full of tens of thousands of people during that time when he was sleeping literally in Da Bassment.

Unfortunately though, name does not always translate to sales especially in the music industry these days. Though it’s had high expectations and has had a couple number #1 charted singles, Shock Value II has only sold 214,000 units after being on the charts for 22 weeks. Not the best numbers especially compared to Tim’s multi platinum last effort.

BUT if we go by what Timbo said earlier, we should be getting another album or maybe some hot ass remixes!

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