Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Dream Pays Tribue To Aaliyah

Some things should be left alone forever; the original “We Are The World”, Michael Jackson rumors, Kid from Kid N Play’s hair, and so many more. As far as being untouched Timbaland songs, a track I think we can all agree on that should never be touched is Aaliyah’s “One In A Million.” The subtlety and sultriness of her voice will be forever unmatched but despite that, The Dream decided he wanted to do his best to cover it. Check it out:

Well it seemed Mr. Radio Killah got a lot of flack for his tribute and decided to give a response via his twitter:

"No one will ever [sing] Aaliyah's 'One In A Million' like she did! Deff not me lol. I did it because I Reilly miss her still and it was out of respect! To her I'm still just a fan not a writer not an artist a Fan! Calm down the worlds not over. But y'all will remember how dope she was and still is to this day!"

This definitely bring back memories of Kiley Dean’s “Make Me A Song” that many argue led to the shelving of her album. Not from the song itself but rather the lack of interest in her first single dooming anything else that came out after that.

What do you think, you feeling it?


  1. This classic track is better left alone but he had good reasons so I salute him for that

  2. As for the Kiley Dean album. That has to be one of the most underrated albums ever!


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