Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rebel Springs A Leak

I’m sure you know by now but just in case you missed it, 11 tracks by the group Rebel leaked late last month with some serious wonder of who exactly produced them. Here are the titles:

-Get In Fit In
-Have You Made Love Lately
-Is This What They Call Love
-Shoulda Coulda
-Snows In July
-Strung Out
-Who Are You
-Disappearing Acts

If you want to hear them, go digging, it's worth it.

All these tracks are more than likely produced solely by Jim Beanz though there could be the possibility that Timbo assisted (though I personally doubt it). The last track is one you should pay attention to as it’s the same “Disappearing Acts” that was an unrelased track off Ginuwine’s last album.

Who produced the track? Hard to say. Some say Beanz, some say Timbaland and Beanz. Automatically you want to say it’s written and produced by Timbo and Beanz, but James Fauntleroy singing on a Jim Beanz written track? Why if Fauntleroy is a writer in his own right and Jim could sing on his own written track? Not a common thing to do but hey could be.

What do you all think?

1 comment :

  1. All Prod by Beanz (the site I downloaded them from said Prod by Timbaland but, let's be honest here)

    Some written by Beanz, maybe Fauntleroy happened to be in the studio and they did some bouncing off each other... Beanz picks up where they left off later on, gets Rebel in the studio to record, and then magic happens.


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