Thursday, May 27, 2010

T.I. "Here We Go Again" New Song or Old Freestyle?

Turns out that unlike other mixtapes with a produced by Timbaland track, T.I. comes with a never been heard Tim track. FINALLY!! After all these years we get to hear the first T.I. (solo) track produced by Timbaland. Check out T.I.'s "Here We Go Again" from his newest mixtape ironically titled Fuck A Mixtape:

Is this the same track that Timbaland and T.I. created over 3 years ago? Could be....

Let's hope we get the non-DJ version soon! Props to all those you sent it to me.


  1. What does this beat remind you of? Six Two Ft. Attitude - Lets Git High.

  2. Good Call Bliza!!!! Also what other T.I./Timbaland track is out there?


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