Wednesday, May 19, 2010

One of the Rarest Aaliyah Tracks.....Found!

Wow the last month has been truly unforgettable for Timbo fans, especially us old-school ones. First there was Lil Mo' and now it's Aaliyah. Everyone go check your Aaliyah/Timbo tracks right now...go on.

So of all them which ones are snippets? No not "Time" that's a full track just unfinished (meant for the 30 Years For Life soundtrack by the way). Keep looking. Ok I'll give you a hint, focus on "One In A Million." Yes we have "Timbaland's Remix" but what about that other one "Remix 2"? Ahh yes that one is only a snippet....until now.

Timbo fans I present to you the FULL version of the long lost "Remix 2" of Aaliyah's "One In A Million" *hint check that Missy rap, never heard before!



  1. another classic timbo beat to my collection :)

  2. heard this awhile ago. But it is rare! gotta love the remixes

  3. That's right, nobody does remixes like Timmy, certainly not like this! I love this!!!

  4. WOW!!!!!!! Tim Misdemeanor Ginuwine & Aaliyah in the same track! best find ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Classic!!!


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