Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jim Beanz Let's Us Know

Here’s another great interview with Give It To Me! writer extraordinaire, Jim Beanz:

What have you learnt since being in the studio time Timbaland?
One thing he taught me is to always challenge yourself and always come different because the second people think that they know you and they get use to hearing certain sounds from you don’t grow past that. One thing about him is that he always reinvents himself, so the one thing that he’s taught me is that we do the same thing twice.

How did you first come into contact with Timbaland?
I started working with Tim about six or seven years ago. He heard of me through an Indian artist I had been working with and at the same time he had stopped working with his Indian artist so he somehow got a hold of a CD that I’d worked on with her and he ended up flying her to meet him. Something went down where she actually didn’t sign to Tim but they told him that he should meet up with me and hear some off my work. So he flew me down for the first project we worked on together which was with Nelly Furtado and it was a wrap. Ever since then I’ve been working with him.

Did you see yourself only relegated to the background work or were you looking to play a bigger role and try to step out on your own?
Well I came in the game with Tim as a vocal producer, he didn’t know I did anything else. So in general the way the world works, you can say that you’re a rapper or a singer, but you’re not really known as that until people gravitate towards you and they wanna see you rap or sing. So in my case I was brought into the scenario as a vocal producer first, so it was after they found out that I wrote and that’s when I started working Keri Hilson, Fantasia, Britney Spears they were like “Oh he’s a writer now”. And from that came the first song that I produced with Tim which was Jennifer Hudson’s Popular, which was supposed to be one of her singles, but the tragedy in her family happened right around the time it was meant to be launched as a single and it was the craziest time ever. But everything happens for a reason, that’s why the most recent production that everyone knows of mine is the Katy Perry’s If We Ever Meet Again

There’s a very interesting story to that first question that I’ve know about for a long time. All I can say is if it was meant to be it’s meant to be and Beanz deserves ALL of his success!

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