Wednesday, May 26, 2010

50 Cent "You Should Be Dead"

As we watched Timbaland’s MTV Diary many years back, we all wondered “wait, I’ve never heard that beat before, who’s it for?” One of those beats (heard at the beginning of the now famous scene of Busta & Tim in the studio) turned out to be 50 Cent’s “You Should Be Dead” which was supposed to be on Fiddy’s Curtis but never made the cut. Even before Diary though we had that track parked on our Unreleased Confirmed list for long time (thanks Nick!).

Eventually we got a snippet, then an even longer snippet, and now finally we have the full version. Check out 50’s “You Should Be Dead” produced by Timbo and Danja:

You think it should have been on the album?

Bonus question: What’s the “rock-a-bye baby” sample?


  1. too easy..all the samples on the song are from the movie new jack lol


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