Thursday, May 20, 2010

MTV Interviews Jim Beanz

Jim Beanz is blowin ’ up! I duck out for awhile and come back and the dude is HUGE! Beanz recently sat down with MTV UK and shared his thoughts on how he got started, working with Britney Spears, and going solo? Here are some highlights:

Why has Timbaland let other producers make his Shock Value 2 tracks?

Timbaland doesn't let other people make the tracks. Timbaland oversees everything, he will start the tracks off and other producers will come in and add instruments here or there, just like any other producer. A lot of people think that Timbaland lets other people make the music but that is not true, Timbaland oversees everything he does.

Is Timbo a fan of European sounding dance music?

He’s a fan of anything that is music, he is a genius. He always thinks outside the box, he has a way of taking sounds and making them work together.

How are the Rhianna sessions for the new album going?

They are going amazingly. Her new album is going to be crazy. It could be one of the best things I have ever worked on. I always try to out do myself every time, I never try to go backwards. I will say though the tracks I have worked on with Timbaland for Rhianna have been amazing, Timbaland has always been the one to re-invent himself and at the moment he is really on some fast-forward sh*t, he is really going to kill the game with the stuff he is working on now

Are you going to release solo material like Timbaland?

Only God knows what the future holds. Artist wise I never wanted to really be an artist, I do sing on a lot of things everything from Britney Spears songs to Nelly Furtado songs to Diddy material.

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