Thursday, May 20, 2010

Diplo Doesn't Care "If We Meet Again"

One of my favorite producers, Diplo, took to his twiiter to share his thoughts on the Kate Perry/Timbaland video for "If We Meet Again"

Diplo: this timbaland katy perry video is the biggest pile of shite iver ever seen

Diplo: timbaland and katy perry got chemistry like two rocks in the bottom of a mudpit

Diplo: my mgmt told me stop dissin pop star pon twitter cuz they wont want work with me-but fuck dem all cuz they suk my ballz id rather make metal

Guess it's not for everyone. Oh and if you haven't seen Major Lazer live yet....GO!!

1 comment :

  1. lmfao!!! its funny cause i agree...i even like the Miley Cyrus track better, and thats a hot mess


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