Friday, April 11, 2008

Will we finally get Jojo's "Sho I Can"?

JoJo has been a part of the Blackground family for some time now. She hit it big with her song "Leave (Get Out)" off her debut self-titled album in 2004. The track was an international hit and soon became #1 in the US making JoJo, at a mere 13, the youngest solo artist to ever have a #1 single. The album went platinum and JoJo was well on her way to a very bright future. Her 2nd album The High Road didn't quite fair as well but between her split time as a musician and an actor she has become a household name. Now in a recent interview with theLIFE.Files, JoJo (once again) confirms she is working with Timbaland (and Tank, DJ Toomp, and Polow) for her 3rd album coming in late 2008. Take a listen:

The Timbaland produced JoJo track "Sho I Can" is sort of an urban myth. It was said to exsist, then thought to be made up, and then rumored to be a part of her last album but was never released. Let me set the record straight, the track 100% exsists, as it is written by Static and produced by Timbaland, but when will we get a chance to hear it? Will we finally get to hear "Sho I Can" on All I Want Is Everything? Only time will tell...

On a side note, make sure to cop that Teyana Taylor album From A Planet Called Harlem mentioned in the interview as their will be at least 3 confirmed Clutch tracks "Color Me Pink" "Complicated" and "Young Girl." Props to SafeHandz for the info.


  1. this 4 minutes remix sounds better than original lol

    but i dno if it's timbo??

  2. but middle part is sick! that could be timbo

  3. that remix is official...its on freestyle steve's myspace!!


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