Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cali Stylz-Calistylulated: The Animation

Now available for download is Cali Stylz's new drop, "Calistylulated: The Animation." The album features production from Danja, Rikki Allsum, Owe, and none other than Keith "Unreal" Hawkins, one of the hottest under-the-radar producers on the planet right now. "The Animation" is the first of a series of Cali Stylz albums dropping this year. Following "The Animation" will be "Calistylulated: The Population," due for release sometime this fall. Details on the upcoming projects for Crown Life, Danja, and Cali Stylz will be coming up in a "Thomas Crown Chronicles" exclusive feature. For now, check these exclusive Danja joints from "The Animation." You won't hear these anywhere else!

"Two in da Mournin"

"Make It Happen"

"Top Guinna"


Check out this repack, up to the scene's standards!
Download here.


  1. oh and


    Chris Fields - Just One (Produced By Danjahandz)

  2. Chris Fields - Just One


    taken from http://www.myspace.com/CdotFields

  3. Yo Nick, are those 3 you posted the ONLY danjahandz produced tracks on the album??? cuz I'm writing up a discog. and I wanted to know how many tracks on this album are produced by mr nate hills. thanks a bunch.

  4. Can sumone hook me up with a torrent for this album?
    My net's too slow to download it via the link.

    Thanx in advance tryna hear what crazy mess Danja & Unreal dropped on there.

  5. i think those are the only tracks, i can ask for you. it's hard to write a discog of danja + cali tracks since there are literally like 100 of them haha....

  6. Two in Da Mournin samples Shoulder Lean? and it almost has the same flow

  7. plz post! which ones are danjahandz productions?

    thanks for this...shiot is bananas

  8. wow danja's getting good with his drums and beat structure. Top Guinna's sounds a lot like Timbo's originality, with the FX and whatnot.

  9. there's a couple more danja productions on here than listed on your post. cali shouts them out at the beginning of a couple songs. but yeah nick, if you can find out, let me know. i would appreciate it.

  10. thanks. and this shit's just for free? that makes me wanna shout like cali

    anyway, where are these 100+ Cali Stylz/Danja songs?

  11. ok these are the danja ones:
    new: top guinna, make it happen, real live.

    old: 2 in da mournin

    4 danja songs in this tape

  12. danja tracks:

  13. "Chris Fields - Just One"

    I've def heard that beat on another song...

  14. the beats aren't actually as new as you'd think. "patty cake" is a couple of years old, and the newest is probably about half a year old.

    and the 100+ songs are on the computers and ipods of a lucky few. ;)

    maybe i'll post up an exclusive later this week...

  15. chris fields is fake! he is like "young blaze" fakin timbo beats couple years ago"

  16. Umm...dudes how about that torrent I asked about earlier?


  17. frederick.

    a slightly different version of that beat is used by this dude Romeo.

    Chris Fields is worthless regardless if he's fake or not. Dude should definitely hang himself or call up Kevorkian.

  18. not sure about the chris fields songs, just thought i'd say somethin about it since i havnt seen it mentioned before.

    Danja's beats are pretty cool on this though

  19. That Chris Field song I have exactly same beat for another song called:

    How U Want It - Romeo Ft. Ras Teo & Dash

    nice tracks though!

  20. Thanks for the download!! Its really great!!

  21. Calistylulated torrent, anyone? 3rd time asking now. Can sum hook a dude up?


  22. I don't know if Calistylz has a future besides having only Danja tracks.

  23. I agree... dude sounds like Bubba Sparxxx in at least one of his songs, and if you sound like someone else, that can't be a good thing.

    And, I probably have that Romeo song on my iPod somewhere. Just forgot who sang it. ups, I am > you

  24. bubba sparxxx? hmm, can't see that.

    but cali & crown life have a HUGE future that's shaping up quicker than you'd think. this is just the beginning ;)

  25. Unreal dude you have nice beats my man.

    Some crazy songs by Both Danja and Unreal in here....Pattycake is the bomb.


  26. Full repack of this album coming soon;

    it will be under 100mb, album art, full production credits, mastered tracks (about 4 tracks are actually the demo ones), and correctly tagged and named mp3s.

    Thanks much for the comment al3x :)

  27. Thanx 4 the info, Unreal. It's pretty hot album. Feeling the production in a major way but I couldn't tell who did what.
    Limelight's my shit, though.
    Can't stop playin it.
    U killin it, fam.
    U n Danja went hard.

  28. yeah unreal, this mixtape is hot!


  29. Top Guinna is one hell of a beat.

  30. Calistylz is hella nice i give it to all the producers up on the animation they all did a hella job ima keep bumpin that album fo sho
    we love the hataz but remember positive thoughts will bring more positive things to your life learn the law learn the secret im out

  31. Personally im nicer then Cali stylz, Izza Kizza, young blaze and who ever else but what i can say is that that Animation mixtape is pretty hot Unreal but do know im nicer then all yall believe that FLip Flapp Da RApper 09 Triches

  32. I love this mixtape i see why they call him Stylz he has plenty of them. Question i heard Cali was in a group now with a female has anybody heard that yet im hearing its hot shit though if anybody knows holla back

  33. Unreal is the shiznit and Cali be crushin that shit he reminds me of Tech 9, Andre 3000, And Busta/slim shady mix or maybe im just looney but dude is nice
    who developed this sight its cool homiez

  34. This joint is hot!

    I did Track 27 "Live it Up" btw


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