Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Keri Hilson confirms "Get It Girl" for her album

I know what you're thinking: I thought Timbaland was making "exclusive" tracks for the Verizon album? Yeah so did I and it was reported as such but it doesn't look to be the case. It's month 4 of 2008 and all we have so far is one track that we thought was an "exclusive" for the Verizon project.

With this addition to Keri's album let's review what tracks we know so far for In A Perfect World:

- Return The Favor more than likely 1st single
- Get Me Off (The Bench)
- Mic Check alternate first single
- Let Me Go F/ Justin Timberlake
- Slow Dance
- Happy Juice F/ Ludacris stan alert: there are 2 other alternates to this track one featuring Stat Quo & Snoop & the other featuring Timbo
- Alienate
- Too Proud
- Get It Girl
- I Got You

Possibly included:
- Cover's Blown
- Where'd He Go
- Lova Ya'
- Quick Sand
- Tell Him The Truth
- Ohh F/ Tank

- High Heels
- Come Clean

Hopefully we'll have an official tracklisting here real soon.


  1. What about "Come Clean" Boog? That's my favourite leaked Keri joint yet, it sounds like a Melvin "St. Nick" Coleman production but I can't be sure so I NEED the credits, don't tell me she's not going to include the best song she's recorded solo and that trash "Get It Girl" will be on the album, I love Keri but that song is wack as hell!

  2. its Stat Quo, not Status Quo

  3. You beat me to it Luke. I like Come Clean!!! That song reminds me of 90's R&B.....

  4. Where can I get these leaked Keri songs?

    I would appreciate an e-mail from anyone who can point me in the right direction!

  5. luke

    lol, u care enough to comment on it.

    i was just making the correction, i wasnt having a go.

  6. he was just correcting u. y did u hav to be such an ass??? btw i care and im sure many others do too. i personally love stat quo.

  7. I can't believe "Get It Girl" is going to be on the album. As much as I love Keri, that song is pretty awful.

  8. Did she just say it was gonna be her 1st single?
    Iam not of huge fan, but its kinda fun.

    Return the Favor FTW!

  9. return the favor and covers blown are the same song booger

  10. Thanks Luke, I knew I forgot some track.

    To the anon. above, same song? You sure?

  11. Imma say it a 2nd time, "Get It Girl" is mad boring. I do hope tho that she will have "Love Ya" on the album

  12. is it music ? is it business ?

    probably both but more Business than Music....

    Funny Video :-)

  13. I'm really taking this video lightly, considering theres constantly been changes with Keri's album.

    And since when is Return the Favor the same song as You Cover's Blown?

  14. has anyone got alternate version of happy juice with timbaland? if so id GREATLY appreciate link the original is MY SHIT personally still think should be 1st single dont care how old it is i still bump it like it came out yesterday

  15. Get it Girl is a boring track i think one of the most boringest track tim has made, that track should not be part of the album but we have to wait and see the reviews from it

  16. hey boog, i found a song called "wrong when your gone" on limewire by keri. hav u heard it??

  17. @ aayize: That was a demo recorded by Keri which was then given to J.Lo and is included on her last album "Brave".


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