Monday, April 21, 2008

Stan Alert: Five Versions of "4 Minutes"

In all the Madonna madness as of late it's hard to keep all the tracks straight. Remember to always keep the original versions of tracks as you never know if they will change. Case in point: there has been a bunch of different versions of "4 Minutes" making their way around and if you're a collector of Timbo's music like I am make sure you have all the versions. So far we have:

1. Original Snippet :17
2. Album Version 4:05
3. Radio Edit 3:12
4. Remix 3:31
5. Timbaland's Mobile Underground Remix 3:21

Now just in case you have heard that last one take a listen:

Timbaland's Mobile Underground Remix

I guess Timbaland decided he wanted to hop on his own hit song.


  1. Can we get a downloadable link to the Mobile Underground remix please man?

  2. So what's the 4. Remix 3:31, is that a Timbaland production as well?

  3. lol we should make a movie like "Best In Show" about josh's timbaland stan-ism.

  4. The only difference between the new remix and the old one is that the new one has a verse from Timbo near the end.

  5. the original snippet is the funkiest and best version by far!!!

  6. Thanks anon!!!! Do you have any old or rare tracks that you can upload to rapidshare like that??!

  7. I like the Timbaland remix more than the original. This beat works better with the vocals because there are no horns drowning everything else out. The break down and Tim's rap ruins it though. They weren't needed.


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