Tuesday, April 1, 2008

"The Way I Are" & "Icebox" win ASCAP Awards

Congratulations to Timbaland, Keri Hilson, and Candice Nelson for their writing credits on the worldwide hit "The Way I Are" and to Timbo and Keri for their writing on Omarion's "Icebox." All three have just won ASCAP Awards today for their writing contributions on both songs at this year's 2008 ASCAP Pop Awards.


  1. Hey, the actual writing of the track was only done by The Clutch, but Timbo gets automatic writing credit for producing it. Keri said in an interview that she wrote her parts, Candice wrote Timbaland's verses and Balewa wrote Timbo's chorus sections. I wonder if SESAC gonna give Balewa an award for this, it was a massive hit, they all deserve one.

    I still feel like I can hear Candice's vocals/arrangements on Keri's choruses don't you think J. Boogie? I guess I'm just obsessive I LOVE this girl, I hope she blows up further in '08, she was Timbo's original girl before Keri and I think he would have pushed her to be a solo artist before Keri came along. Until that day I guess us Gg-stans gotta wait for more Candice/Clutch tracks!

  2. Remember though Tim is also registered with ASCAP so producer or not he would win. Yeah I do wonder if Balewa will get something since he also contributed but since it's only ASCAP who knows.

    I could go on for days about how incredible Candice is. She's been in the game for over a decade with nearly 200 tracks released and unreleased. She's one of the most underrated in the game. You'll see her on Tim joints this year, just wait for Mary's "Skycap" and Hudson's "Pocketbook"

  3. You don't know how amped I am for the Mary, J-Hud and Whitney tracks! I'm really unsure because these three are powerhouse vocalists and Candice's arrangements seem to work better on softer-voiced vocalists (especially recently) like DK, Britney and esp. (I think Candice channels through her after hearing "Fantasy" and "Future") Money but I know she never disappoints so I can't wait!

    She is DEFINITELY one of the most underrated people in the game atm, I feel a little bad for her because Timbo has given Keri her shine and never really gave Candice the chance, he always kept her in the background. However, I have a feeling Candice would never have wanted to be a solo artist like Keri is so its all good, as long as Timbo keep her and The Clutch on writing duties I'm happy and Gg is always making more paper that way anyway! I am annoyed that Britney has released two Keri joints (hot as they are) when "Radar" was and still is the clear standout of the album, it better be the next single!!

    For now i'll keep bigging up Candice to all my friends - "you know that Britney joint, you know that DK joint etc"

    BTW J. Boogie check out The Clutch wiki page which I've been constantly updating (check the history, its obsessive!) and see if there's anything I've missed ;) Thank you!


  4. Luke you run The Clutch's Wikipedia page? We need to talk for sure! Hit me up:


  5. Just to note, you don't get writers credit for producing.

    He got writers credit because he composed the melody/drums/whatever, that's as much writing as writing the lyrics.

  6. I never doubted that. I'm just appreciating the song more from a lyrical point of view plus the vocal arrangements on the chorus. To be honest, I think the music for "The Way I Are" was rather generic to Timbo & Danja's sound and sounded too similar to a lot of other tracks that they were doing at the time (and have done since) plus there was the uncredited Salt-N-Pepa sample, why does he do that? Shoot me.

  7. WTF... I thought j.que from the clutch wrote IceBox on his own?!

    So basicly the clutch go in together as a group when they write lyrics?
    Man you gotta have such a respect for one and other to really decide who's right and who's wrong during the writing session of a lyric.

  8. @Luke
    dope job that you doin with The Clutch's wikipedia page! keep on doin it...

  9. @Luke

  10. Thank you - I'm not worthy! I'm just a bit of a Clutch/Candice stan!

    I read the interview before, I'm a massive fan of the monicamania blog, its awesome! Was there something in particular you wanted me to look at from it though Big A?

  11. nah, just saw u got couple interview links on the wikip page and didnt see this one


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