Friday, April 18, 2008

Rare Reel

Stan alert: there is a version without Tim's rap.


  1. I love this song. Crazy old style Tim beat

  2. I would love to hear more B on a Timbo beat.

  3. LMAO! the choreography was beyond cheesy. nice to see how much they all came up.

  4. I fully agree ^^^

  5. "Get on the bus" is one of my favourite Destiny's child songs. I wish Destiny's child had done more songs with him. I sure as hell hope Tim is still working on B's album.

    As for the version of "Get on the bus" without Tim, it featured on the CD single. So it's not some hidden thing. I bought the CD single and have it. So if anybody would like me to upload it, just holla.

  6. I love this song, back when DC were 90s R&B instead of the poppy sound they started doing in the 2000s...

    Random J: Please up this version! Tim's raps always irk me so I end up listening to the no rap versions of any songs I can find! Would be appreciated!

  7. I have never heard this DC song before..yes can someone please upload it ? =)

  8. Here ya go Luke (and also anonymous)...

    Download: Destiny's Child - Get on the bus (radio edit without rap)

    I actually like Timbo's rap. The lyrics are shit (as always) but his crap 'n lazy flow just adds something to the song.

    No matter how many times I hear this song I never get tired of it. Timbaland and Missy shut it down. I always wondered why Destiny's child never worked with him again. This was and still is easily one of their best songs.

  9. Thanks man appreciated!

    It's like I said at some point ("Survivor" imo) DC went from R&B to Pop and Missy and Timbo became too out there for their "safe" image. Missy works well with power vocalists like Beyonce and Timbo's sparse beats always sound amazing with these strong vocals too so they could have brought some more heat, oh well!

  10. The Wikipedia entry for this song says "As with other Timbaland productions, the single features some unorthodox parts, including the sounds of birds (a similar technique was used in Aaliyah's "Are You That Somebody?"). LOL Live for the unorthodox parts.

    It goes on to say about Aaliyah A.Y.T.S. - The baby giggling and cooing in the background is Aaliyah at age 18 months. The sound was dubbed from a home video[1]. This was revealed on her official website. It was previously believed to be a sample from Prince's "Delirious" or from "New World Order" by Curtis Mayfield.

    Well I say that's total BS. The baby sound IS the same as the one on "Delirious," but it's not sampled from "Delirious" - Tim's sample is longer than Prince's. It's always driven me crazy trying to figure out where that sample came from. I bought all those sample/breaks albums that Tim uses from the 80's/90's, but I've never heard it.

    I knoow you discuss samples/sources here, ever tackled that one?

    Glad you got half a mill. I just discovered the Chron about a month ago and I've been blazed every since. GREAT job.


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