Friday, April 25, 2008

Esmée Denters works with Timbaland & Hannon Lane

You've all heard of Esmée Denters by now right? She's the young woman from Netherlands with an amazing voice who on the strength of her soulful cover of Justin Timberlake's "What Comes Around Goes Around", scored millions of hit via Youtube and even caught the ear of JT himself who quickly signed the internet phenome as his first act on his own Tennman Records. We told you about Esmée working with The Clutch and now she has confirmed that she is also working with Timbaland and Hannon Lane for her debut album. Here's the latest news from her:

Hey everybody!

I'm flying over the Atlantic Ocean right now at 33,000 feet (approx 10 km) high in the sky on my way to Miami. I still have 4 hours and 56 minutes to go and I wanted to fill you guys in on what my plans are. In sunny Miami, I will be working with Hannon Lane, Justin Timberlake and Timbaland on some new tracks. Can't wait to go in with them because I just know we will create magic ☺. After that, I will be flying to New York to work with some incredible producers as well (check out my next writing blog to see which producers).

After that, I will come back to Miami again for some additional writing with Timbaland and Justin T. Overall, I will be in the States for a month or so, and I promise I will keep you guys updated on what's happening, ok?

Thanks to Tom for the good eye.


  1. Tat Girl Got A Beautiful Voice!

  2. Hannon getting that work

  3. She was in the FutureSex/LoveShow preshow in the Netherlands and she did a song that I could swear was produced by Timbaland (although I could never be sure). This was about a year ago already.

  4. Thank God it's not Ashlee Simpson!!! This girl can actually sing.

  5. I mean she's alright, but I don't see anything special about her


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