Friday, April 4, 2008

Sample of the Week & Who Flipped It Better? Timbo or Daz Dillinger

Big A prepped us with a great (and rare) find from Danja and now it's Timbaland's in the sample hot seat. Let's take a look at the sample debated track "Bounce." As you may remember, The Chronicles first identified 3 samples from "Bounce": the laugh, the bass line, and the "tempo has reached critical level" announcement all from a set of sample CDs Tim has being using his entire career. It was much to my surprise that the laugh from "Bounce" recently turned up in the Daz Dillinger produced track "Cheat". Take a listen:

The Doggpound F/ Pharrell "Cheat"

So first question is: Who Flipped It Better? Daz or Timbo?

Now as you can hear the laugh is slightly longer than the one from "Bounce" and therefore didn't come from the sample CD set Tim used. So where did Daz get his "laugh"? Of course it could be from a different sample CD or could it possibly be from an actual track? Well let me let a long time Timbo fan Schmenkee explain the sample:

The "laugh" that Timbaland samples in his track "Bounce" was from a little known "Italo Disco / Electro Funk" group from Italy in 1982 called Klein and MBO. The groups producer was Tony Carrasco. They had a handful of songs. Timbo samples "Dirty Talk" (European Connection Mix ). There were about 3 remixes of this track. The dub / instrumental versions was a monster in the early days of electro club music. Tim wasn't the first to sample the track. Todd Terry, a producer known for his New York "hard house" sounds, used the laugh for his massive club hit "Bango". It was later sampled countless times by other house music productions.

The second sample in "Bounce" is more of a reinterpretation. The breathing part is taken from Kraftwerks hit "Tour De France" (Francios Kervorkian 1985 Extended 12 inch Remix). The breathing again was also a huge sample for many club, house and electro freestyle music in the late 80s. Egyptian Lover, an old rap electro act, used the sample / interpretation for almost every track he created. Now Tim brings these gems to the masses.


So not only do we have where Daz (could have) got the longer laugh from, we also know the origin of where the sample CD Timbo used got it's "laugh" from. That's not all though. Yes the bassline also comes from this same sample CD, but what's the original song? None other than:

The Beastie Boys "Shake Your Rump"

BIG props to Shmenkee and Jochem for the info!


  1. incredible!!! but that bass synth in the beastie boys song is always masked by drums??

  2. Nick that's how you know Tim didn't get the sample from the Beastie Boys track rather the sample CD.


    this track worth having even though it's probably fake timbo. sounds like apologize

    check it out. Chorus is sick!

  4. i believe your boy alex deserves some props here boogie...

  5. Timbo flipped it better hands down, yes boogie alex does get the props for this one

  6. The laughter on dillinger's track is also from the same sample cd tim used (it's actually that long on the cd). the "ayeah" and "hold it now" are also from those series.
    check this :

  7. Tim flipped it better. Interesting find. Props to Schmenkee nd Jochem. Still not quite sold on the origial bassline being from the beastie boys track since that song samples a lot of other tracks...

  8. I called that breathing sample AAAAGES ago when i watched breakdance

  9. "shake your rump" samples:

    * "Hoo-ha! Got them all in check." - "8th Wonder" by The Sugarhill Gang
    * "It's the Joint" - song of same title by Funky 4+1
    * "Shake Your Rump-ah" - from the Unity album by James Brown and Afrika Bambaataa
    * 'Scratch' heard under "the most packinest", "your belief, chief" and at the end - "Could you be Loved" by Bob Marley
    * Additional beats from "Super Mellow" by Paul Humphrey from the album "The Drum Suite"
    * Afrika Bambaataa's, "Jazzy Sensation"
    * After the chorus phrase "Shake Your Rump-a" there is a drum break with synth. The first two runthroughs, right before the rap starts again, the concluding drum fill is from "Good Time Bad Times" by Led Zepplin.
    * Beat is Harvey Scales's "Dancing Room Only" (from the lp hotfoot: a funque dizco opera, casablanca, 1977)
    * Bong hit
    * Mostly taken from the "Car Wash" soundtrack by Rose Royce
    * Ronnie Laws, "Tell Me Something Good"
    * the disco call is from Foxy's "Get Off"
    * The main drum roll is from "Funky Snakefoot" by Alphonze Mouzon from the album "Funky Snakefoot"
    * The sound similar to a straw being pulled through a soft drink lid is an African percussian instrument known as a "cuica" (kwee-kuh). The instrument was originally used in Africa for lion hunting because the sound produced is very similar to a female lion's roar, thus attracting the male. The cuica's sound is produced by pulling and pushing a wet cloth on the bamboo stick. (

  10. anyone know what sample cd this might be that he used?


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