Thursday, April 10, 2008

Timbaland wins ASCAP Songwriter of the Year

Timbaland didn't win the Grammy for Producer of the Year which raised a lot of eye brows both from his musical peers and fans alike, but he did take home the top honor last night at the 25th Annual ASCAP Pop Awards winning Songwriter of the Year. Timbaland won ASCAP awards for 9 yes 9! tracks he was a part of and was by far this year's biggest winner of the evening. The winning tracks include:

Justin Timberlake: ""What Goes Around...Comes Around"
Timbaland: "The Way I Are"
Justin Timberlake: "Until The End Of Time"
Justin Timberlake: "Summer Love/Set The Mood"
Nelly Furtado: "Say It Right"
Justin Timberlake: "My Love"
Fabolous: "Make Me Better"
Omarion: "Ice Box"
Timbaland: "Give It To Me"

Other related winners include:

Ryan Tedder: "Aplogize"
Justin Timberlake: "Give It To Me" "My Love" "Summer Love/Set The Mood" "Until The End Time" "What Goes Around... Comes Around"
Nelly Furtado: "Give It To Me" "Say It Right"
Attitude: "Give It To Me"
Keri Hilson: "Ice Box" "Runaway Love" "The Way I Are"
Royal Court: "Ice Box"
Missy Elliott: "Let It Go" (Keyshia Cole)
D.O.E: "The Way I Are"
Sebastian: "The Way I Are"
Candice Nelson: "The Way I Are"

Congratulations to ALL the winners! 2007 was a huge success and 2008 looks to be even better.


  1. Happy for Tim and company. Those were my faves and still are.

  2. is a songwriter and a producer the same? because i thought timbo is the producer and keri hilson or attitude are the songwriter

  3. What have Attitude to do with "give it to me"?
    Did he write tim's rap?

  4. Timbaland's remix of 4 Minutes (new and official):

  5. Karina Pasian does sounds better on official girl.


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