Friday, April 25, 2008

Madonna's "Devil Wouldn't Recognize You" Sample? Interpolation?

If you remember a few months back, we talked about the sample from the Silent Hill video game, "Promise (Reprise)" composed by Akira Yamaoka, that Tim used for an unreleased track. Well a few readers have pointed out that the same sample, or could it be an interpolation of the sample, is used in Madonna's "Devil Wouldn't Recognize You". Here is the trailer for the movie as a reference:

as well as the soundtrack for the Silent Hill games. Now listen to "Devil Woulnd't Recognize You", hear it?

So as we always like to do let's ask our readers, what do you think? Is it a sample or an interpolation? Or maybe none of the above just a piano with similar melodies? Let us know!


  1. i kinda thought that, but tbh i dnt kno its kinda hard

  2. it has some elements ! not totally the same but could be !

  3. it`s just coincidente

  4. coincident my ass

    check this video

    skip to 1:40 sec

    and watch that

  5. no relation

    the melody of that piece from Akira is just a easily made piano riff with the fingers... they are a little eerie, but Hannon's melody is different.

  6. Tim have clearly sampled this one !
    On this YouTbe video you can hear him listenning to the Silent Hill one and remake the melody with a toy :
    So I think that he sampled the thing, and it's not the first time he does it ! He has done it on Kill yourself from the Shock value album.

    But what I don't appreciate on Tim (and I'm a very big fan of his work), is that sometimes when he samples/interpolates he doesn't give the publishing rights to the original creator. I think that maybe he is a genius, but if he borrowed something from someone he should admit it !
    For example Ne-Yo feat Fabulous (Make me better), or Do it by Nelly Furtado....

  7. Well, Nate could of played it. Tim himself could of played it.

    It really doesn't sound like Akira's, so he doesn't have to give credit.

    - Venture

  8. Interpolation....It's not even in the same key!!

    There are similarities in the phrasing and I think influences from Akira's original.

  9. Have you ever tried to compose a song? Well, have a sit and try to, and I bet for any song you could possible pull together there is an another song that sounds similar; much more similiar than the comparison you are mentioning above.
    Millions of songs were created since humanity teasure music, how original would you like a singer to be??


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