Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Throwback: 30 Years to Life Soundtrack

The year was 2001 and the news had just broke about Timbaland executive producing his first movie 30 Years To Life starring Tracy Morgan, Erika Alexander, Kadeem Hardison, Paula Jai Parker, Melissa DeSousa, Allen Payne and T.E. Russell as a group of New York friends approaching their 30th birthday. The film opened to rave reviews at the Sundance Fil Festival and competed for the coveted Grand Jury Prize in the Dramatic category.

It's a very good movie," Timbaland said. "It's not your average black or urban movie. It's a crossover. It's like a pop film, and it's about life at 30 years and how the younger generation starts to take over. "We're getting [to be] 30," said the hip-hop producer, who is 28, "and wondering how do we fit in? Where's our life at? Are we comfortable with our life, and do we feel like we've made a lot of adjustments in our life at the age of 30? It has a real concept, this movie.

Along with executive producing the film, Timbaland also scored the movie and produced the film's soundtrack which we talked about way back when on our first post on The Chronicles. Here is the tracklisting as well as the screen shots from the movie of the soundtrack:

Special - Sebastian f/ Bubba Sparxxx
Marred -Kelly Price
She Ain't So Bad
Baby Girl-Playa (Same as Playa's "Lust")
Happy Birthday -Playa
Simply Irresistable -Ginuwine
Explain It To Me -Tijuana
Baby Girl -Playa
You Owe Me -Nas F/ Ginuwine
Feel The Girl - Ms Jade
Hey Papi -Jay Z

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So what happened to the soundtrack? It was never released. And why? That remains one of the biggest Unsolved Timbaland Mysteries. Big thanks to timnmagoo3 for the pics.


  1. Lust is the song listed as "Baby Girl" (the line "baby girl come right away cause later tonight I need your company, I L-U-S-T when I see ya"), She Ain't So Bad is a different song

  2. Yup! and I'm still grateful James for pointing that out awhile ago, hence the "same as Playa's 'Lust'"

  3. Boogie says: So what happened to the soundtrack? It was never released. And why? That remains one of the biggest Unsolved Timbaland Mysteries.

    Possible Answer: "According to a publicist for the producer, Timbaland is still tweaking the soundtrack, which still has a working or "temp" score. He will wait to see if "30 Years to Life" gets picked up for distribution before assembling a final version of the soundtrack."

  4. czar i miss your samples

  5. how was the movie?
    anibodi seen it ?

  6. wher can i download the movie or see the movie ?????

    or have anibody seen it

  7. I have the movie on DVD, thats how I figured out about the song, its a real good movie, all-star cast Kadeem Hardison, Allen Payne, Erika Alexander, Paula Jai Parker, Tracy Morgan...

  8. Ben "Digital Black" used alot of that music for his solo album " Mem'oirs of an R&B Thug"
    the movie was really good, even though its like what 4 yrs old i think?

    P.S. Alot of Mainstream artist are coming to the Ky Derby nextweekend to do a proper tribute to Static! i'll take and send pics if i can.........


  9. Also the unreleased Aaliyah song Time was meant to be on the soundtrack. She would've finished the lyrics since the lyrics were half finished but she unfortunately died before it was completed listen to it on YouTube

  10. Married was actually performed by me. Keli Nicole Price.


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