Friday, April 25, 2008

The Clutch talks Britney, Omarion, & Ciara

The Clutch are everywhere these days and well deserved as they all work tirelessly and are very passionate about their craft. You can hear their current work on Cassie first single "Official Girl" and Tiffany Evans debut album along with future projects by Menudo, Jesse McCartney, Teyana Taylor, Usher, and Jennifer Hudson right around the corner. caught up with J. Que and Ezekiel "Zeke" Lewis to talk about the hit songwriting process and a few of their most memorable song creating moments:

On working with Ciara for her song “Like a Boy”:

Ezekiel: That was dope. That record was fun, because we were sitting around talking about like what would a girl…what would the ultimate girl want to say as it relates to male/female relationships?

She probably would say she wishes she could act like a boy in certain ways to just see…like how would you feel if the shoe were on the other foot? Even though the song was saying, “I wish I could be like a boy,” it was really in a sarcastic way.

On working with Britney Spears for her song, “Radar”

J.Que: When I tell you she was the best – minus she got there a little late. She did show up a little late. But when she showed up, I think it caught both of us off guard ‘cause Zeke and I flew to New York to record the record on this.

And I think it caught both of us off guard because, when I tell you when she walked in the booth she stayed in the booth until the sun came up.

Ezekiel: Yeah she was there. She almost outlasted me, I don’t know.

J. Que: It was absolutely nuts, and she took directions very well. I agree like I don’t know what I was expecting because we went in to cut that record the day after she filed divorce from Kevin.

Ezekiel: Right.

J.Que: So we were expecting all kind of nonsense and she was super professional and when she got in the booth, she was super-efficient.

On working with Omarion for his song “Ice Box':

J.Que: That record was written…I would say all in all that record was written probably in about 20 minutes. It was very easy. It just flowed.

Ezekiel: Yeah it was very fun, very very fun. Omarion’s a complete professional. He’s dope, he was coming up with dance routines while he was recording [in the booth].

Yeah, it was fun; it was really fun. That’s the only word for me to describe that day for me personally that’s the first word I think of…“Icebox” equals fun.

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Also a BIG congratulations goes out to Candice Nelson (along with Walter Milsap) for their work with Trin-I-Tee which won 2 Dove Awards for Urban Recorded Song of the Year and Urban Album of the Year. Congrats!


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