Monday, April 14, 2008

Verizon releases Madonna "4 Minutes" Timbaland Remix

Looks like we found out where the Timbaland remix came from as Timbaland's 2nd release off the Verizon's mobile album will be a remix for Madonna's soon to be #1 hit "4 Minutes" released today. Along with the remix comes 2 other possible versions, here they are by name:

4 Minutes (Tick Tock Version)
4 Minutes (Groove)
4 Minutes (Timbaland Mobile Underground Remix) this is the one we've heard

"Working with Madonna and Justin on this underground mobile remix has been a lot of fun," said Timbaland. "With Verizon Wireless, we are able to create and distribute music straight from the studio directly to fans as well as give them access into our creative process behind-the-scenes." "As Madonna is one of the most iconic artists of our time and Timbaland is one of the most influential producers of today, we are undeniably excited to team up with them, as well as Justin, to deliver this exclusive remix to our customers," said Ed Ruth, director of digital music for Verizon. "Together with Vodafone, we will set a new precedence for the global release of a song, with a combined reach of hundreds of millions of fans across the globe via their cellphones."

And as Verizon did with Keri Hilson, you can check Madonna, Timbo, & JT in the Verizon bus talking about the track and about each other as artists:

So calling all Verizon V Cast users: hit us up with these 3 different full versions of "4 Minutes"!! Props to PLM on the video find.


  1. tick tock version is the one weve heard!

  2. The remix on that first video sounds better than the original.

  3. 4 Minutes (Groove) is just the verse section, Tick Tock Version is the end of the song, and the mobile underground remix is the one without the brass and just the drums

  4. Looks like he's just checkin his email in last video.

  5. Can Somebody upload Calistylz - Shatiez, please :)

  6. happy birthday dear timbalaaaaaaand...hahahaha...that was good


    01 03:37 Outta My Head
    02 03:32 Boys
    03 03:20 Rule Breaker
    04 03:37 No Time For Tears
    05 03:42 Little Miss Obsessive
    06 03:34 Ragdoll
    07 04:09 Bittersweet World
    08 03:50 What I've Become
    09 03:14 Hot Stuff
    10 04:01 Murder (Ft. Izza Kizza)
    11 03:19 Never Dream Alone
    12 03:44 Invisible (Bonus Track)

  8. take a look at timbaland and justin right after she said "I've never been double-teamed in the studio"...:D hillarious!

  9. TIM's Face is PRICELESS!!! Well I've never been double-teamed in the studio before..." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA

  10.'s the real deal...I'm kinda dissapointed, I hope the full hq will change my mind but the sampler is definitely a downer!

  11. Tim face is funny, by the way check out this music blog:

  12. "take a look at timbaland and justin right after she said "I've never been double-teamed in the studio"...:D hillarious!"

    *LMAO* I didn't even notice it until you said it. That shit looked like something out of a sitcom. The noise of the car horn in the background just as Tim's face switched made it even funnier.

  13. lma its soooo funny whe she says "yea cuz thats how you role timbo" lol!! that was was funny!

  14. You can tell by the way Tim holds the mouse that he lacks Pro tools skills.


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